Investing is Keeping You Broke 😓

laatste update: 03-2023

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30 gedachten over “Investing is Keeping You Broke 😓”

  1. Even better then side hustle do what you are doing for work and just see what would be needed to go up the ladder it may be investing time to apply in new company or learning new skills or even both.
    If you invest time in something new and earn even above average it still would be a lot lower then most pay rise of 20-30%.
    Offcourse there is always a upper limit to that but do that first then think about diversifying your income

  2. It took me about 6 months to realize that… oh… you are not going to be the next Warren Buffett and make 30% per year you are only going to make the 8-12% so try to find a side hustle to do EXACTLY what you are saying

  3. Love your short! Keep up the good work! And you just got a new subscriber! 👍🏻

  4. Wise advice makes me think of a Bible verse I read one time.
    Proverbs 13:11
    “Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time.”

  5. You do realize most people don't treat investing like a job right?

  6. Side hustule can make you bankrupt…
    Always analyze risk/reward ratio…

  7. Nowadays its incredibly easy to work and invest in the stock market if you know what you are doing investing isnt keeping you broke being a mediocre day trader is

  8. your the type of guy who picks 10$ a day over 1 millon$ now

  9. Me: Okay now how did we get the money

    Other person: a side hustle

    Me: so how does this even work

  10. Or you just buy a safe stock and keep it on their until you need money and do the side Hustle at the same time

  11. Love this idea. Totally right! When I made the least in life I thought the most about where I was investing. Haha pointless!

  12. 20% is for the noob. I average like 8,000%. Beat that side hustle. Plus the side hustle is pretty much guarantee money whereas stocks aren't. I agree that most people should take your advice as they suck and will not get the returns like me. Most end up in the negative.

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