Interviewing Random Players about the State of Tarkov…

laatste update: 10-2023

I put on a press vest and interviewed Tarkov players about the state of the game mid-raid…


Created by AquaFPS & @DirtyTrout
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  1. If they are not going to address the hackers then who cares. It will always be a total hack/cheat fest. Sound is a shit show. The latest optimization is still not optimized. I hope they fix it but who knows, I doubt they really care.

  2. Ahhh streets of tarkov. I want to learn the map so I try scav… lord in and crash while loading in… there goes my scav… for 25min… fuck no I’m not goin in pmc if I’m trying to learn… that’s like giving away your shit.

  3. There is a fine line between making a realistic game and making a overly complex simulation. That line is called playability. You shouldn’t need professional movement mechanics to have any level of success in this game

  4. Tarkov isn't complete until I can play Tetriz while my team mates are looting.

  5. The worst part about the cheater situation is that it completely removes the self-improvement aspect of dying. When you go into a fight and die, you should be able to learn from it and realise what you did wrong. Now, you can get killed out of the blue and be sat there wondering if someone was watching you from an angle you weren't expecting, or if they could see you through a wall the whole time.

  6. Im sorry to make this comparison but you look like BakedAlaska in the beard/nose.

  7. I was getting killed by a cheater about 1 out of 4 games I played for sure but it felt like alot more than that. And I was being killed by really good players the other 3 out of 4 games. I would only survive like one in 8 raids no matter what i did I would get 'head, eyes' even if i wore a good face cover. And it takes 3 games to get enough loot to have good gear but bcuz i die more often than not im never getting good gear.

    Basically i feel like im running around with a pistol and no vest more often than not and even when i do have a vest and helmet its the cheapest one i can find or buy. I used to play more and get to the 'good gear' level but often you will just get unlucky and a player scav will head eyes you with a shotgun from 7 miles away in a bush and it doesnt feel like the gear matters.

    TL;DR Its a rage game for everyone that isnt the top 10%. If you are the top 10-15% then you love the game. If you are the other 85% of ppl you are raging constantly bcuz how often you are killed.

  8. Only long time tarkov folks are upset mate… Games still a 10..

  9. i know why this wipe game die so fast, a lot of russian go die in Ukraine war)

  10. Sniper roleplay or a cowboy. That sums up pretty much the state of Tarkov

  11. Once I get to the quests that require boss killing, I'm screwed.. I play solo 99.999% of the time.. even quests that require me to go to chad hotspots bleed my stash dry trying.

  12. this is my first like half a year playing tarkov. and i’ve played only factory because my computer is too bad and whenever i play in a group with my friends it shorts me from the game. this wasn’t happening before but now i play solo and can barely even load in at times before the raid ends. it sucks

  13. Tbh I dont regret buying the game, i just regret getting EOD.

  14. I haven't played in maybe a year or so now, I've tried getting back into it multiple times but i just can't bring myself to do the grind. Used to be I could make money, buy some neat gear, and have fun with it before dying. Now it's all just tied to their shit quests, I just don't enjoy it enough to grind it out.

  15. wish you had ran into me, too bad im an emu tarkov player..

  16. I found out about Tarkov since it had its first teaser trailer at E3 and I have been following it ever since. It took me a couple years to gather everything I needed for a PC but Tarkov (and DayZ lol) was my driving force to get a pc. I got Tarkov and played the game for yeaars, up until this wipe. I didn't just stop and quit one day, it was a gradual decline over like 2 years. The audio bullshit has been plaguing me for as long as I've been playing the game. The stutters, even though my pc exceeds the recommended internals for the game, drive me crazy. The load times are the worst, I hate that when i sit down to play the game about 1/4 – 1/3 of my time is spent waiting. I got fed up with the amount of quests because I knew that I ( A person who plays more than just 1 game and has a job) will never be able to reach Kappa, and that really pushes me away from the game. I love all the new features and all, but I know that with each wipe, I will barely see any of the new content. I have hope that I will find my spark for this game again, I plan on playing this new wipe and giving it a good shot because I genuinely love the game and am exited for its future.

  17. Ok hear me out, if a triple A studio made tarkov but better it would be a great game.

  18. I love the way the "interviewer" has aa very unsteady 160ms delay in match while aqua has under 40ms HAHAHAHAHAH🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. The age of Tarkov is coming to a close. It won’t be dead for a long time, but it has peaked, the wave of extraction shooters/games that have learned from Tarkov’s mistakes is coming, and it’ll take casual gamers with it

  20. EFT has been on the backlog for 4 wipes now. Technically, I logged on long enough to check out streets, but the game has never scratched that same itch like it used to. I miss EFT but it's just not fun, so if/when the issues are resolved then I will return.

  21. how many people that you interviewed do you think coulda been cheaters themselves?

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