30 gedachten over “Intel Leaves Bitcoin Mining in 2023”

  1. I’m so glad bitcoin is dying. GPUs are so much cheaper

  2. My dad works for Intel, and he has always talked about how horrible the timing and decision making processes they have. They hate giving credit where it is due, so Big oof on behalf of intel

  3. Still don't understand how you can just run a program and miraculously generate currency.

  4. Can someone explain what crypto mining is, the one part of the internet I have no knowledge of.

  5. It ain't a crypto recession it's a crypto death. No one's gonna care about that scammy ass stock market for tech bros

  6. Well established and regulated cryptos will always bounce back.

  7. They know what they're doing surprisingly it may seem off but intel has been out there for awhile now if they're closing it would've been done so but their time is exactly right, right now theres a plan go ahead make all the jokes you want

  8. This is the first time UFD made a loop that is naturaly good😂

  9. Can we just keep cryptocurrency but only for monetary floating decimals.

  10. I still respect them for trying to stop bitcoin miners from taking gpus

  11. Better than companies pretending they are making GPUs for gamers

  12. That’s why big corporations hate crypto, it’s volatility is almost impossible to profit from. Yet on the other hand, it can make a simple $1000 purchase of a coin into $1m if someone’s lucky ish

  13. They keep 👆🏿funded my wallet weekly, Am so happy

  14. They keep 👆🏿funded my wallet weekly, Am so happy

  15. They keep 👆🏿funded my wallet weekly, Am so happy

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