India’s Crypto Currency🇮🇳💸 in 2023

laatste update: 06-2023

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  1. Wait, "Central bank of India" is not the regulator, wo logo waha par incorrect h, central bank means RBI
    Kindly check this

  2. L&c society explain kardo ji govt. Punjab tenders contract??👋

  3. Bro! Crypto and CBDC are similar in only the implementation technology part! Else it is completely different from crypto! Crypto only has perceived value backed by nothing, where the CDBC is as good as real money backed by the govt.

  4. Abe gochu, central bank matlab RBI .. not that central Bank. Kaise kaise youtubers paise kama rahe yaar jhut bech ke…

  5. Kuch bhi bhai kuch bhi?? There is nothing similar between CBDC and Crypto. Apart from the major difference that you already highlighted there is another massive difference, it's the technology.

  6. Central Bank digital currency ka simple se mtlb hai ki currency print hokar phle fir market main circulate hoti thi ab wo digital code or digital form m circulate hongi.
    Aur ye crypto se itna hi relation hai ki dono main block chain technology ka use hua hai.

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  8. When people say CBDC is crypto currency 💀💀💀💀

  9. First of all unregulated Crypto is dangerous in funding Terrorists from outside of the nation. If you think it's wrong to ban crypto then if somebody of your family lost his life in a terrorist attack then don't flame the government.

  10. It's not a cryptocurrency and it's centralised and as usual unlimited supply lots of INFLATION!!!

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