Incredible NFT Art! | Hygienic Dress League | Crypto Club in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022


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30 gedachten over “Incredible NFT Art! | Hygienic Dress League | Crypto Club in 2022”

  1. Great informative video, it really highlights how careful you have to be and how most people just see this as a get rich quick opportunity, which it really isn’t for the majority

  2. NFTs right now are all about the community and the people behind it. If the community loves the art, and the people behind the project are well-intentioned, then the project will be valuable.

  3. NFTs have finally turned crypto into the beanie babies that detractors always said it was.

  4. Let's goooo! notif gang! hey champ i had a question regarding nfts?

  5. The trick with NFTs is to buy cheap.. sell when it peaks and don't hold for too long or you are done. Getting into projects early is key.

  6. Some of us are making money cause of people like you. Thanks man, appreciate it.

  7. Very cool concept but this is so small, I cant tell if its gonna moon.

  8. Dude keep up the quality content. You’re literally one of my favs in the space

  9. you know I always watch beginning to end. Thank you for the gold as always

  10. Blessed to be a part of you journey since the beginning, never had a doubt you will make it big, and I hope to be a part of the discord community a long the way. Lets gooooo 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Really excited for more content! I'm learning so much from your channel! Thanks so much!

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