Import Cryptocurrency Price In Real Time In Google Sheets

laatste update: 09-2023

Google Sheets has very limited support when it comes to pulling cryptocurrency live price. In this tutorial, I will share a workaround how you can use the IMPORTXML function to import cryptocurrency price in real time.

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30 gedachten over “Import Cryptocurrency Price In Real Time In Google Sheets”

  1. I made a follow up video to address some of the limitations were brought to my attention 1) trigger didn't update the price, 2) how to pull the rest of information from CoinMarketCap currency page
    Video Link:

    Also, depending on your region settings, for U.S. the formula separator is a comma (,), but for some of the countries (European for example), the formula separator is a semi-colon (;).

  2. Can you help me to extract data token from alcor exchange for wax tokens. Please

  3. Hello man.
    Everything clear and great but I don't see any update that was mentioned in the video. It is not working

  4. is there a way to log BTC price at a specific time in the day? (say 12am)

  5. Ok so I watched more of your videos, which are great BTW, and I had the same issue of the text to number value as everyone has commented, and so on one of your videos you issued a free spreadsheet which I got, and then copied the code from the extract just the number cell, changing the cell to my first bitcoin cell, which for me was B6, and as I am useless at excel, and even after reading 20 times, couldn't get the substitute thing to work to change the dollar column text to a number to multiply, I have just copied and pasted this and then created my column to multiply my holdings, by the current price as a number. So for everyone, here is what I pasted =SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(B6,"$",""),"%","") hope that's ok to put here πŸ™‚ Please keep doing more videos, I'm really getting into this a lot now. Thank you.

  6. Hi – Sorry for the noob question – But the result is text, which I cant use in an equation. How do I convert it into a number?

  7. this is just brilliant. Now when i the currency name I get the price, but in the cell below the price I seems to have a random figure in it, anyone know what this is please and how to get rid

  8. Hey thanks for info, code works fine, but it adds a column beyond with 24h volume numbers, although i did everything as you did, any suggestions how to get rid of it?

  9. Great video. I have a small problem. When I created a code, I've got a value and automatically below another value like 0.0353. I can't delete that automatically generated value. Also, if I delete a row i got #REF in btc code area and it says "Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in B4." I don't understand where is the problem.

  10. nice but i wanna se only currency value, not 24h Volume / Market Cap below the price. How fix tha?

  11. I have two numbers that display for me. The correct bitcoin price in your cell C5. But a second number populates below automatically in your cell D5. How can we fix that so the second number doesn't display automatically in D5?

  12. it's not work now, can you update the formula? please <3

  13. It's just amazing to learn crypto industry about rising and down 0:45 fall of this industry

  14. Hi. Can you update it for 2023, seems it does not work. Also can you show how to get result in numbers not in text or currency, Thank you.,

  15. Hi there. I`ve managed to to do it, but im getting some array results too below each listed price. How do I get rid of them?

  16. I have tried more & more. But I can't do it yet. please help me!!!

  17. i'm using google sheet and i copied paste the formula exact like you but i got this msg:
    Error Imported content is empty.

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