30 gedachten over “I Gave This AI $5000 To Invest…”

  1. We’ll see what happens month 2🥳 Remember 1 month of good results means very little. Like half the things I try do good for 1 month then absolutely flop after. So please don’t take this as a recommendation and always be careful.

  2. I feel like a machine learning bot could easily beat the market for most trades

  3. its called stioc and burned my 1k as a test in a year lol

  4. “I tried this scam, and initially it didn’t work, then it showed me numbers that seems to work so I would be incentivized to give more money to scammers.” Please don’t use those bots, they are scam. You will lose all your money, don’t be greed.

  5. Nobody:
    His head:⬅️⬆️⬇️⤴️⤵️➡️↗️↘️↕️↙️

  6. not too impressed with the way the graphics didn't line up with the narrative. One shot showing 50k….

  7. AI trading is the next big scam, no one learnt from crypto.

  8. People don’t want to get rich slow, that’s why it’s so easy to scam them

  9. This is a scam. Like if you use this and lose all your money you deserved it.

  10. Almost all mutual funds have portfolios that are selected by computers and on top of that the decisions should be reviewed by real people whose salary and bonuses depend heavily on the mutual fund's performance. For long term investing you will never go wrong with choosing a low expense ratio mutual funds from a reputable financial institution (Vanguard, Fidelity, etc.).

  11. Lol these bots are killing bank accounts all over lol dumb ideas people will throw money at lol… if the returns were guaranteed then it would cost a ton and we would all be rich..

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