I Created An Indicator To Copy Hedge Funds #shorts in 2023

laatste update: 06-2023

I created an indicator top copy hedge funds. It can be extremely powerful if used correctly. Enjoy!

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30 gedachten over “I Created An Indicator To Copy Hedge Funds #shorts in 2023”

  1. there is no way you can find big money buying and selling stop fooling people

  2. Yeah, jump in after the first 10 to 15% happens so SMART TRADERS lock their Profits with your dump money.. This is how you get wrecked

  3. There so many of these indicators out there an all of them are meant to work perfectly so have you back tested this one an if so what’s it’s success rate?????

  4. So, it’s not available on TradingView? Bummer…l.but that’s what I use.

  5. This indicator can be applied to forex on metatrader. We know that forex’s buy and sell volume are not available due to the non-existence of a central exchange. So how can u see “order blocks” of forex?

    Nice try, but these are not order blocks. Nice name, but far from reality.

  6. I love testing new indicators. Makes trading even more fun😎

  7. all you have to do is look at time and sales and it will show you where big money comes in. i use block contracts over 100. i put lines there like you have. works like a charm.

  8. Wow, great strategy. Could maybe even be refined to one of the top performing algorithms

  9. I would be looking for big buys on my TD Ameritrade time sales (tape) and then see if the candles are making a bottom reversal pattern like the morning star pattern you just showed in your video and then I would look for an entry 🙂

  10. Don’t be a loser. Learn how to chart your supply and demand zones.

  11. Lol is this functionally any different than entering on S/R levels?

    It's a well done video but that's all I'm hearing personally.

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