I Can Make $3 Million By… 💡👀 #shorts #crypto #xrp #youtubeshorts

laatste update: 10-2023

This would send the market cap of XRP of $1 Trillion. Let us know in the comments, can it get there?⁠
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  1. Greg Kidd xrp will move ALL THE MONEY worldwide… Nostro/dostro account value 27 trillion making xrp a minimum of $270 per coin

  2. Regardless of the economic meltdown and BTC investment volatility in the 🌎, I am still thankful to God that the small remnant of BTC investment is still useful. No matter how it decreases, I will continue to make my gains.

  3. Really don’t think this whole XRP situation is going to go the way most are hoping lol

  4. 2025? I thought the ripple rippleis almost done ,, no matter how about the BEn coin and you need to announce when you take full custody so it can start gaining momentum!

  5. Most people agree Ben sold all his bencoins six days after telling everyone to hold for 6 months

  6. How many of you multiplied their XRP by 19 to see how much it would be ? 😅😅

  7. Xrp will piss bowl past a trilli mc, also eth hitting a trill doesn’t dictate xrp at all

  8. Highly doubt it passes 3.7-6$ tbh i still make profit so win win for me lol

  9. Man he must have lots of xrp and he really want that pump 😂

  10. I totally lose the confident about XRP after seen fews Ben Armstrong promote how good XRP is! Ben destroy XRP!!!

  11. Ben in 2026: "I nEvEr SaId XrP cOuLd PosSiBlY hIt 1 TiLliOn DoLlArS"

  12. i'm hold'n and still buy xrp and a big ole bag a ben coin Ben , because we believe in your movement BitBro !!! stay strong

  13. ETH will be sued by the SEC it’s just a matter of time
    IMO I’d stay away from ETH -ADA -SOL & Quant just to be safe . The good news if they do get sued then it’s a fire sale and a great Oppertunity then to buy up and hold

  14. One problem, The Democrats won't let a bullish scenario happen. Gensler.

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