I Bought Stephanie Matto’s Fart Jar For $500 | WENT WRONG!!! | Famous News in 2023

laatste update: 03-2023

I Bought Stephanie Matto’s Fart Jar For $500 | WENT WRONG!!! | Famous News

You have seen the news all over the world, it’s even made it onto TMZ with Stephanie Matto selling her Farts which has made her over $100K in just a couple weeks. We asked you guys if you wanted us to buy the farts so we broke the bank and bought this jar for $500 bucks. We got a deal at half price. So for our honest reaction sit tight. For those who are new to Famous News be sure to Subscribe and for those who have come back thanks for the support – I’m sniffing farts here people so the least you can do is hit that SUB button. Let’s get into it.

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30 gedachten over “I Bought Stephanie Matto’s Fart Jar For $500 | WENT WRONG!!! | Famous News in 2023”

  1. Honey, wake up! Famous News just dropped a fart review and is fighting for his life to breathe properly!

  2. I think you should have given that jar to somebody and told him to smell that jar as soon as he opens it . Without telling him what's inside. 😂😂😂.

  3. tryna imagine how porch pirates would react if they stole a jar of fart

  4. you would be amused that sniffing a fart gained you a subscriber 😅

  5. After coughing and asking to cut the camera, he looks up smiling.

    Fake as fuck.

  6. Whenever I have an off day I watch this for a fucking good laugh. Thank you man. I still laugh just as hard as I did the first time when I seen this.

  7. Hahahahaha if you ever feel bad about your life, just remember there's fools out there paying 1000$ for some streamer broads farts to sniff for the holidays…

  8. I just wonder how people can smell the fart that belong to another person and pay money for that🤢

  9. @4:04 "It's in there…Now it's in here…..I Don't Think I Will Ever Forget That Smell…"
    I Died! 🤣

  10. This girl really disgusts me. Any time I don't want to be horny I think of this disgusting human being and all the sick fks who buy the farts and it just ruins it for me. How can humanity get this disgusting it's like we are going backwards acting like chimps smelling farts what's next throwing sht at eachither.

  11. We need a before they were famous on you. You poor guy

  12. Guys did you see the smoke come out of his mouth after he took a puff from the jar ?

  13. You do realize it's a fart spray not an actual fart. I'm in the wrong business. I should go get a ton of extreme fart sprays and spray some fake ass rose petals, put them in a jar and sell it for $100 each. D A M N I can make some major dough

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