laatste update: 05-2023

1. Launch Battlestate Games Launcher.
2. Click on SETTINGS in the drop down menu under your name.
3. Scroll down till you see “Game directory:”
4. Click on the link below that.
5. A folder will open & inside it you will find “uninstall.exe”.
6. Click on “uninstall.exe” & Windows will ask you if it’s ok to proceed.
7. Click yes.
8. The end.
9. If all else fails. Simply find the location where your game is installed. As mentioned in step 3, read what is under “Game directory:”. Navigate to that folder and manually delete what is in there to reclaim your hard drive space.
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30 gedachten over “How To Uninstall ESCAPE FROM TARKOV.”

  1. cut straight to the chase on how to uninstall. u earned my like

  2. Yeah 900 hours of playing people tell me keep playing it will get better eventually number one that a shitty game then number two it didn’t it got worse and number three it isn’t healthy for a game to cause you so much anxiety annoyance and anger it’s just simply not a good game this is the game they should have berried not et at least et felt rewarding

  3. this game fucking sucks and i stand by it i hate it so much with a passion inertia fucked this game

  4. idk if im trippin but is there no volume? i just want to fix this lol

  5. i accidentally deleted uninstall.exe, how do i uninstall tarkov now?

  6. Came here after getting sniped at Customs trying to do the watch quest from Prapor. lvl 04 btw.

  7. Don't forget you can "thank" me with the Super Thanks button under the video as well.

  8. I uninstalled the game launcher incorrectly and now all Windows programs got deleted my pc is unusable, I hate this game I don’t know how to fix it

  9. This wont work for me. It says Escape from Tarkov is installed on my C drive. But when i open Escape from tarkov launcher it says ''set the path for existing game instaallation'' and i try do set the path but it just create a new folder. And i can't see a way to delete the old game files…

  10. Game is such fraud you buy it cant refund it and more and more people stop playing so they don't have to spend as much on servers

  11. its so crazy that they made it so you cant uninstall there game anymore

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