24 gedachten over “How To Trade ORDER BLOCKS with Volume Data 🔥”

  1. use me as a dislike button…….( luxalgo is lagin and shit)

  2. It is a great tool. I am using it. Please explain when the same order block is on the upper side and the bearish (red) color is greatter than green, then what does it mean? That will be considered bearish? ((As you said if same order blocks the downside and red color is greater than green then its mean bearish exhausted and bullish started. ))

  3. It’s a great tool but I mainly use the the swing trade one only

  4. Seems like a great indicator. Is it an one time fee or reoccurring?

  5. This indicator is no longer listed on TradingView did the name change??

  6. bs indicator ..order block concepts are Created by ICT..better study at inner circle trader….this indicator is a scam trust me ..

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