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  1. I cant do that because my entire pc keeps crashing even though i restart it and stuff

  2. ive been supporting thousands of machines since vista came out with DISM, and it hasn't fixed anything YET.

  3. I could have done this the whole time… and avoided to pay for a new SSD for my software files..

  4. i tried sfcscan, cleanup, checked for corrupt files but nothing is working….couldn't detect the problem and still mg pc freezes mid way or the blue screen error and my file manager also doesn't open…tried end tasking it memory, cpu and disk consumption is also low. Can someone please help?!!

  5. If your desktop crashes then make sure there's no dust in the components if there is then make sure to clean it. Same problem occurred with me this works very well.

  6. That's cool. I wish I could do that but my computer keeps crashing

  7. This guy literally has every solution I've ever needed thank you bro you've help me so much

  8. what you actually want to do(if your explorer crashes) press ctrl+alt+del then task manager(or click ctrl+shift+esc(escape) then click on FILE then run explorer(windows 10) win 11 is the same but i forgot what button

  9. Errror 740 need elevated command prompt to complete these tasks?

  10. Important uf you do not know what you do DO NOT TYPE IN STUFF IN CMD IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IT DOSE. This is IMPORTANT REALLY.

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