How To Silence The Inner Critic And Stop Being Mean To Yourself

laatste update: 10-2023

Do you ever feel like you’re your own worst enemy? That little voice in your head always seems to be putting you down. In this video I talk about how to silence that inner critic and start being kinder to yourself.

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  1. THE LEARNING OF " GROWTH MINDSET " .IS super crucial..
    If ONLY I could've known the concept in elementary. I would've never quit violin.
    I loved the violin. 🎻

  2. I appreciate the journaling advice. Would like more assistance on that honestly, as have difficulty in expressing anything written like that. Just go blank.

  3. Already started to calm down, will definitely watch this again

  4. Smdh I'm 52y.o. and for the LIFE of me, I cannot seem to STOP HEARING the question my caregiver asked to me when I was 6y.o.!
    Dad was eating a sandwich- it's late morning on a Saturday which means he's hungover. I'm hungry just like he is, ive been awake all morning long with nothing to eat. We werent allowed in our fridge.! I ask him for a bite of his sandwich. At 6y.o. how much of a damn bite could that bite POSSIBLY BE!!!?? Rite?!?? He asks me,
    " Boy!! You're a greedy ungrateful bastard aren't ya?" He ate that sandwich but didn't give me a bite or offer to fix me anything to eat. Did I mention that I was 6?!
    It feels like that has flashed in my mind everytime Ive ask him a question since then lmao– n I don't even have to be.aski g for him to give me anything g either– I can simply be asking him if he's had a good day n…..BLAMO that incidents comes to mind. I'm almost shaking rite now just txtn about it smh lol crazy, I no.
    Iwt hear how we can delete or RE-record new messages that help instead creating such a damned crevasse in my heart that just won't refill and mend.

    —OHHHHH!!! You're keeping the party going , LONG AFTER the guests have left!
    That's a real good 1! Those guests can take their questions with their asses, and get on down the road!!! I definitely do not have space for them up in my head!!✌️

  5. I started therapy almost 2 years ago and this is something I’m still working on. Thank you for easily accessible and understandable content. 😊

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  7. The BPD in me did this face 😬😬 when she said "it's ok to be grey"

  8. This inner critic goes full R Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket if I smoke skunky😊

  9. Who says I deserve to be told I'm not a failure? I've hurt too many people.

  10. "you're keeping the party going long after it's gone"

    Me: still lives with mom

  11. It's odd that I came up with this idea not too long ago. Didn't think that a psychologist would actually standardize it.

  12. I didn't know what to call this but your videos helped me understand a lil bit more about myself. I've definitely been in this gray area a lot more than I have in the past. I used to let everything get to me and everything that wasn't what I thought was just a failure. Ion know what changed my mindset tho. I started talking to myself whenever I'm stressed and I guess it helped. The inner critic is still hard at work though. Im still scared that there's no point in applying myself when someone else is better anyways. Edit: oh dang thats exactly what you said too. I started typing stuff in my lil note pad to try to understand why I think the way I do and it's all rooted in the past. I'm still not over it tho. I've forgiven but I haven't forgot…

  13. Great video! I really wish it was not sponsored by Betterhelp. Their past policies/practices have been extremely unethical and underpay their clinicians shamefully.

  14. I have a friend whom doesn't blame herself directly but rather blames nature for making her-and people like her-kind and caring people too sensitive and easily manipulated by abusers and manipulators. She doesn't "blame herself"-but still does. I'll show this to her.

  15. thank you so much!! im basically on my own "wanted" list, the voices in my head are just too loud to silence these days. everyone around me has their life put together (or atleast on the outside it looks that way) and it seems like im the only one thats still figuring out how and what to do. i feel like im not worthy of even the good things that i have in my life, and RESENT the good things that are happening to me rn. IM LITERALLY MY OWN WORST CRITIC

  16. Im afraid my smallest imperfections are going to harm someone

  17. I love your insights and knowledge of people and their behavior thank you for your good works to help people!!

  18. I messed up my son, I think, he’s struggling with what “I think is mental illness “
    He’s been diagnosed with depression, but sometimes the way he speaks and lashes out makes me think that there is something more going on with him
    … in which makes me think that I really screwed my kid up, he’s 20.

    Your videos makes good sense to me and I have shared your videos my son to only get told by him that stuff like this is bull crap… I wish that I could find him a therapist that really cares and could really help him, me as well. Or us together, He refuses to see a therapist, he thinks that I’m always trying to pawn him off or something.
    I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. So I hope my rant makes sense.
    … prayers for all and prayers very much would be appreciated by all! Thank you 💚

  19. one thing that helps me is zooming out from your internal world. its kind of like thinking > feeling or objectivity > subjectivity. then you realize how insignificant you and your problems are, thus there is really nothing to worry about.

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