How to PROTECT Your NFTs in 2023

laatste update: 02-2023

In this NFT tutorial, your creator lawyer explains his step by step guide to NFT safety tips. NFT theft is DANGEROUS and you need to know how to keep NFTs safe. I want you to know the safest way to store your NFTS. Even if you’re just getting started with NFTs, I break-down in EASY to follow steps for NFT beginners the basics of starting a MetaMask wallet, adding crypto to MetaMask, connecting MetaMask to Ledger Nano X, and finally testing all the connections so you know how to protect an NFT. This is a continuation of the amazing NFT tutorials made by @giancarlobuystokens and @Beesechurger_73 . Thanks for the inspiration!
0:00 How Do I Protect My NFTs from Hackers?
1:58 How to Make Metamask Wallet Safe
4:08 How to Add Ethereum to MetaMask Wallet
7:13 How to Set Up Ledger Nano x for NFTs
12:03 How to Set Up MetaMask Wallet with Ledger Nano X
14:37 How to Test MetaMask Wallet with Ledger Nano X
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  1. Get ready for butt loads more GameStop FUD 💎👐🐸👍🇺🇸

  2. Almost ordered my cold storage from Amazon. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Thank you Ian for this great video and info. Can I do all of this Ledger, Metamask, Opensea set up on my laptop or do I have to use my iphone?

  4. i don't comment on videos but definitely a great vid with awesome important info loved it keep it up!!

  5. So I thought transferring nft means gas fees payable ? Is that not the case if u do the transfer via the phone OpenSea app?

  6. Great video Brother keep up the good work in Trying to Protect People . i have a few questions concerning tying NFT to IP to increase Value where do i send them ?

  7. Thank you so much sir ! We are a collective group of artists looking to build a name on multiple platforms

  8. Ugh… I'd rather waste the time it takes to do this to set up a new computer.

  9. A follow up on sending them from cold storage back to open sea for sale would be great 🤝🙃

  10. Having trouble understanding a few things. When you buy a mint, does it automatically go in your wallet? Newbee of course. Thought I did enough homework….Unfortunately I bought a mint and lost it. Only had it for 12 hours lol. I didn't do anything after I minted it, didn't have a chance to learn with it. It was showing on my OpenSea account. Do you have to automatically transfer any purchase to your wallet, mint or existing not purchase? Just ordered a NanoX. Watching too many videos. This one is very helpful however!!

  11. Why not just transfer it straight to the ledger account instead of the other one first?

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