How to Optimize AMD Radeon Settings For GAMING & Performance The Ultimate GUIDE 2023

laatste update: 03-2023

Here are the 2022 AMD Radeon settings to achieve the absolute best performance possible.
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  1. i'm not really getting good fps for mine and when i look at my metrics my gpu doesn't go over 75% (fluctuates wildly) and my cpu doesn't go above 75% either. i have a rx6600

  2. Thanks for the video! Do you know why i don't have the upgrade advisor on mine?

  3. I dont understand everything, what You says 🙁 I play Efootball (I dont play CS or CoD), I have this card and weak procesor: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 AF 4x 3,4 GHz and B450M- A PRO MAX.
    Can you advise me, please?

  4. does all this have a bad impact on the quality and graphics? cuz i'm a sucker for good graphics

  5. I have a problem in game with this AMD HD 7900 series,after few battles grass details gone and i need to restart game,all others detailes are perfect just grass,i play World of Tanks…please help

  6. I have overclocked on my AMD card. What other application should I use instead? And what is the pros and cons? Great video

  7. great video dude. i am getting ready to jump over to the amd red team side and looking to learn the amd software came crossed your video and was helpful.

  8. I couldn't install the software because of the Error can you make a video about it?

  9. What about gpu workload shouldn’t i change it to compute from graphics?

  10. Installed the drivers only which gives the best stability. Adrenaline even on minimal install does some weird stuff in my games. Weird white flashes.

  11. So helpful again bro keep up these videos, i need it xD but one thing that i could use help for is that my amd software tells me about bug issue and it says i should change my gpu to a newer one my gpu is the raedeon rx 5700 xt what do you recommend 👍

  12. Be carful doing this I did what he said and idk why but my game was bugging and nothing would fix it new issue after doing this don't know if this was the cause but then the monitor wouldn't display anything on any of the ports after restarting my pc so I reset the settings by just clicking on the gaming preset one and it fixed everything weird asf annoyed me a bit but just letting anyone know just incase of this happening to anyone else

  13. Do those color settings affect the colors in a VR headset ?

  14. 5:12 Image sharpening ONLY works if you are running the game below your monitors Native resolution. For example, if you are running Batman Arkham Origin at 720p on a 1080p monitor then Image sharpening will kick in and sharpen up the lower rez to look like a higher rez. It's actually pretty fun to mess with. You should try it if some of your games aren't hitting 60 fps at 1080p or whatever your monitors native resolution is.

  15. Morphological AA is like slightly better FXAA. Not even remotely related to SSAA

  16. What about super resolution i didnt see that option in your setting list but its in mine

  17. what about radeon super resolution? i have that game setting

  18. Guys my rx 6600xt only gets 43 fps on Maneater…and 30 fps on low settings on cycle and remnant…if I crank up the settings to ultra it only gives me about 20 fps…I did change something in cycle where I selected my card…and it gave me 80fps on ultra but I couldn't play the game because it's stuck when I go into the game…but when I am in desktop the game is working perfectly fine…
    Rx 6600xt
    Ryzen 5 4600g
    B550 msi pro vdh wifi motherboard
    500gb ssd
    16 gb 3200
    Please help me out guys.. got the pc yesterday

  19. Thank you so much for posting this. I enabled SAM this morning and thought I would look up some tuning specs. My screen looks so clear and vibrant. So much better than before! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  20. anisotropic filtering does nothing for clarity, it just makes textures viewed at an angle (like the floor) look more detailed at a distance

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