How to manually set your DRAM Memory Frequency Speed & Voltage in 2022

laatste update: 07-2022

We walk you through how to manually set your DRAM Memory speed, frequency and voltage –

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  1. I don't expect an answer but I am currently using MSI CLICK BIOS 5 and I can't find my DRAM Timing Mode setting. I upgraded my RAM from 2×8 2400MHz to 4×8 3200MHz RAM sticks. Does my system just automatically link them all?

  2. I just changed out my sticks to 16 GB HyperX Predator DDR4 3200MHz on an MSI Z370 A Pro motherboard. However, it is still running at 2400, but my board can take the upgrade to 3200. This will help me to change the settings I need to. I checked the voltage and it was still 1.20, although these sticks are supposed to run at 1.32 I believe. Thanks

  3. 7 years old this vid is and it just taught me how to set my freq from 9-9-9-22 to my 11-11-11-28…thats i been using my computer at sub standard settings all this time! thanks bud!

  4. i have this problem i have 4gb ram (old) and 8gb ram (new) if i right click "My Pc" and properties i see 4gb ram only but when i use Cpu-Z i see 4gb ram and 8gb ram is inserted and total of 12gbytes when i play my fav game it still the same both lag and also if i insert 8gb ram only my pc is black and cpu is on..what do you think is the problem why it don't detect the 8gb ram

  5. Thank you for the vid, my pc had my 3200 running at 2400 and you made it extremely easy to change.

  6. Does anyone know how to do this in an HP motherboard? I don’t know how to access these settings in the HP bios and I currently have 3200mhz ram running at 2133mhz I need help

  7. Ive tried both enabling the xmp and setting dram frequency to 3200mhz also by manual timings and voltage but none of them works. I just got bsod. Ive already update my bios even my chipset drivers. Does it mean that my ram or mobo has the problem? Should i need to return them to the store? By the way my pc specs are ryzen 7 4750g, b550m mortar msi, hyper x fury 32gb (8×2) the ram speed only run at 2400mhz instead of 3200mhz.

  8. Can i manually set ram speed if my motherboard doesn't support xmp?
    like with the Lenovo 7i i9 RTX3080, apparently it uses the older G deck profile.
    all that money and no xmp profile, what am i missing, besides a brain… anybody.

  9. I have a ADATA 2400 CL17 4GB RAM and a HyperX 2666 CL16 4GB Ram.
    What DRAM config should i pick so that both of work?
    In auto mode it only open bios, and windows 10 shows blue screen.

  10. bruh why does my fucking bios dont have any options for ram speed. i tried it like 10 times but theres just NO options for it to change. its so dumb, i bought 4000 mhz ram and it runs 2666 cuz the pc sucks

  11. When i do this my system wants to restart 2 times then resets and i end up with its default settings. Kinda does nothing. Im lost

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