12 gedachten over “How to Flash HTC One M8 to Stock Firmware in 2022 (All Variants)”

  1. Bro my htc on m8 only shows battery when charging and no turning on
    Only shows battery when charging
    And its charging normally 0-100 %
    Not htc logo plz help🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. bro my htc stuck on starting appp help me plzzz model htc one m8 op6b100

  3. Hey man, thanks for all this but can you explain what you did to get Fastboot to work? I am in the fastboot screen however it just says Fastboot and not "Fastboot USB" so it's not being detected propoerly. I installed all the files you mentioned…

  4. mine says "FAILED41 model id check fail" and "FAILED [remote: 41 model id chek fail]" pleas what can i do

  5. thank you very much worked like a charm. Reading all those xda pages got me lost down a rabbit hole.

  6. Great tutorial, thanks! 👍I currently use LineageOS 18.1 based on android 10 but the phone seems slow. If I flash the stock ROM, will it get snappier, even if I loose the security updates launched meanwhile that are already present on the Lineage ROM? Cheers

  7. does it work for the htc m7, which has that thing installed and now it doesn't get past the logo?

  8. I have this but the windows version how can I convert it from Windows to Android 8 at least.

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