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CMD commands that has been used:


ping (default gateway) -t

netsh wlan show settings

netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=no interface=”Wi-Fi”

Links to cat 5,6,7 cables for router:

Cat 5: Not for sale.
Cat 6:
Cat 7: =

30 gedachten over “HOW TO FIX PING SPIKES ON WINDOWS 10 (2020) [Tutorial]”

  1. tells me There is no such wireless interface on the system did not work

  2. My router includes both WiFi and cable connection. Tell me please, does this one count as WiFi and cause ping spikes? What should I do? I still experience ping spikes.

  3. Windows checks for new networks every whatever seconds. This shuts that off and man does it need to be a toggle button in settings. "I'm talking to you Microsoft…" can't have nothin nice

  4. What does it mean when it says "You do not have sufficient privileges or group policy has been applied."

  5. i dont know why it spikes lag to 5-8 is that ok? but in fortnite i get 120 ping and goes up to 150-200 pls tell me how to fix (im using starlink)

  6. Help it did not fix, my time is going from 3ms to 147 then 80 completely random

  7. Doesn't help me. I'm usually chilling at around 2-6ms then randomly it spikes to 1000 every few seconds

  8. If by any chance you're wifi can find device after doing this just typer inthe same netsh wlan autoconfig command but turnit back to yes

  9. when i do that it doesnt show anything after block period ive looked everywhere and im really frustrated
    any ideas?

  10. Tysm it lowered my ping that it is always below 100 but i still get ping spikes that give me 10 but still thank you!

  11. This is the tutorial that finaly actually fixed it all.. i thought i was the only man on the plannet with this issue ' ive seen billions of youtube tutorials thank you.

  12. everything went well up until netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=no interface="Wi-Fi"
    which gave me
    You do not have sufficient privileges or group policy has been applied.

  13. I ve stable internet, 1ms still my ping spikes when enemy comes near me. what to do

  14. Sir mine says Wifi 4 please help when i put netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=no interface=''Wi-Fi'' it says no such woreless interface on the system pls help anyone

  15. for me it goes normally but after around 5 seconds of good consistent ms it stops and says request timed out and it repeats, that's what happens everytime i play games aswell it just stops

  16. My ping time have decreased and stabilized. However my ping spikes whenever I play a game only disappeared for 10 minutes then it came back again. Anyone having the same problem?

  17. It did not fix mine though. Still having ping spikes while playing a game. From 20 ms to 100 plus in a second.

  18. it says You do not have sufficient privileges or group policy has been applied.

  19. this helped me a couple months ago and now its not helping at all… shucks

  20. Its still moving from from 1ms to 2ms and after to 15ms can you help me bro

  21. Why does my auto configuration logic is enabled on interface "?????????????????????????"

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