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In 7 days you could be clear of your acne and blemishes. I know because i used these techniques and products. its simple and easy without any expensive products needed.


Cure Blackheads


Once my acne was under control i now used a gentle cleanser , BHA liquid from paula’s chocie and OXY Spot every 4 days.

Oxy 10
Cetaphil Cleanser


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  1. Listen! LISTEN!!! I had cystic acne for 12 years. I tried EVERYTHING on and off the market. I gave benzoyl peroxide 10% a try for one month. I don't even remember when my face looked this clean, I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY SKIN! Now I'm using it once a week, so that my skin won't get used to it, and I do a glycolic acid peel at home once every two weeks. SPF 50+ daily and I'm not even wearing make-up anymore, so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  2. Once I tried the benzoyl peroxide 10, and it did dry up the zit and make it “drain” overnight, it was so good! The only reason I don’t use it anymore is because in my country you need a prescription to buy it and right now I’m not willing to risk it go to the clinic for it, I’m just scared of the virus, but as soon as I can I’ll go back to the dermatologist because I can assure you it works wonderfully!

  3. Anybody know what is Fopobiacne Secrets about? I hear a lot of people cure their acne naturally with this popular natural acne treatment.

  4. What is the best way to cure my acne naturally? I read a lot of great opinions on the internet about how exactly Fopobiacne Secrets can assist you cure your acne naturally. Has any one tried using this popular acne treatment?

  5. People ask me was I slashed with a knife be because of 2 inch long acne scar on my right cheek. I scarred so bad after roacutane (spelt that wrong probably lol) my life is ruied because of acne scars. Wish I new a way to get rid of these scars.

  6. Wow, just wow. I've had random adult acne on my cheeks for two years. I'm in my mid thirties and I've never seen my skin clear up so fast. I didn't know if I could have clear skin again. Just as you said in one week it was gone! Thank you for creating amazing beauty tutorials and helping people look and feel their best!

  7. The best Acne killer is all these what I'm about to tell you.
    1: Exercise and drink clean water
    2: Stay away from sugar or added sugars keep it low per day and no refined sugars
    3: Stay away from Milk and Wheat Dairy productrs basically

    4: Excess oils like having too much oils from all sources, you only need omega 3 oils don't overdose on any oil, as the body makes its own oils too. Trapped dirt inside the oil on your skin can result in another form of acne.

    After I did all this my Acne vanished slowly and never came back, basically hormones cause Acne to break out as well as some other factors like eating an inbalanced diet. Lowering Sugar and refined carbs and dairy for me worked the exercise was just the booster cherry on the cake that prevented Acne from coming back, hmm maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the cake lol

    Conclusion: Best way to get rid of Acne is from the inside out, the exterior might help a little like face wash but get it from the source and it goes away fast. Now I don't need to invest money in face wash products just use water and a bit of liquid soap made for skin not too moisturising basically what I would use to wash hands with I can use on my face and no need to buy anything made just for the face, stop these companies charging a fortune for your happiness.

    Oh yeah and a little trick I use to speed this all up is intermittent fasting which regenerates your body for 16 or 20 hours of not eating calories / food and then eating 1-2 meals a day in t hat 6 or 4 hour window of opportunity to eat, and rinse and repeat every day this process super speeds up the destruction of all Acne types. Make sure you also don't touch your face or skin with dirty germ hands, it will cause acne too.


  9. Are there any dupes for the oxy 10? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and Amazon/eBay are selling it for $20😩

  10. 'Because they were in their white coats, orange faces, with white necks." LOL

  11. With the fact that Iodine can be used topically for breast issues, removing moles, and a few other things – as well as the fact that you can ingest it… I am wondering if I can possibly use it either on the back of my ear or possibly in my ear. I experienced a full complete loss of hearing in one ear as a child after having an MMR "sharpie" given "on schedule" at one of my wellness visits before attending school. I could hear perfectly out of both ears before that happened so I know what it felt like and I would sure give the world to have that hearing back. (I sing in an audition ensemble at college and I also play classical piano)… Anyone know if I could use it to possibly help regain my hearing in that ear?

  12. 4 the arsenal=For big mean underskin spots overnight= f under skin not erupting but lots of pressure, relieve for 7$ whole foods for a jar of it= Aztec Healing Powder .its bentonite clay_ 100% natural. Tan Sand colored, and u just put a couple drops of water and it turns to a lil mask mud consistency.
    Absolute magic on any bite, rash or even heat irritation.
    If you try a tiny dot of baking soda/ drop of water mix to make a lil paste, cover with 4 sided adhesive bandaid, you'll wake up to it having drained to bandage.

  13. Oh my god!!! I was subscribed to you ages ago and then I never saw your videos come up ever again. It’s so good to see your face again 😭 hope all is well

  14. Now that older, any acne that I get tends to leave hyperpigmentation and even scars. I stopped most of my acne with chemical exfoliation- glycolic and salicylic acids. The last three weeks or so I have been using a colloidal silver solution as a toner in addition, and viola- no acne at all!
    I have even successfully integrated diy vitamin c serum and kojic acid to treat my spots. Not everyone can handle all these harsh actives, but I will say that the colloidal silver doesn't irritate my skin at all. So far I am impressed.

  15. my acne has gotten so much better just the scars are the worst part i have mederma gel

  16. Benzoyl peroxide (Acnecide), with antibiotics, cleared my face completely,

  17. What did you do? I can't understand.What is that lotion name you bought in chemist?

  18. Oh baby Wayne love it. Still a wonderful handsome man that dried up really well

  19. Things coming through the skin is due to things not being expelled the proper way, kidneys etc….clean up your gut and kidneys liver etc.

  20. I swear by your regime but for the last 15 years I've been using oxy 5% and my skin is always perfect. I use it in the morning and before bad. My skin doesn't get dry anymore, it's also keeps my skin younger and prevent wrinkles due to fast turn over of epidermis. I Love this product!

  21. Getting libtards completely out of your life helps with combating acne. Let's Go Brandon!

  22. What a brilliant video . Great advice simple and practical.

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