How To Buy Cardano ADA! #shorts in 2022

laatste update: 10-2022

Cardano ADA could be the next big cryptocurrency and a lot of people want to know How To Buy Cardano! This short video is a very brief tutorial on how to buy Cardano ADA on the app. You currently can not buy Cardano on Coinbase. It is very simple to buy Cardano and could be a great way to diversify your cryptocurrency holdings. Everyone says dogecoin is going to the moon, but Cardano is on its way too! If you have any other tips on buying Cardano, let us know in the comments below! also let us know what you think, how high can cardano go?

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  1. I bought in around .94😎 Should fly to 10-20 in no time! I see it going 100-500 in 1-2yrs! Or even sooner!

  2. Bro your about 3 weeks behind on ADA. Buy BSV while its hated. You can probably accumilate it for a year. Then its going to be the ledger of choice. $1000 BSV should be right now, but the whole space is literally upside down in understanding what BitCoin is, and what it is not.

  3. I’m not sure if I’m missing the trick here, but I don’t understand the purpose of all of these cryptocurrencies. I feel like a lot of these random coins are baseless with no redeeming quality apart from the opportunity of people jacking up the price on crypto trading platforms for personal gain, but outside of this, do these coins serve real purposes?

    Not a dig, love your content ClayBro. I watch it all the time. Just curious what you everyone makes of it.

  4. Thanks for watching! 👆👆👆
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