How to Beat Contra Without Getting Hit – No Death Guide – NES in 2023

laatste update: 03-2023

contra no death tips. How to beat Contra no hit, deathless, no damage on NES. Or probotector as I originally knew it. In depth walkthrough on how to do a no hit run in Contra on nintendo. No konami code required. And with the recently released Contra anniversary collection on PS4 it’s a good game to come back to.

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  1. Nice Guide… Great Work also loved your Castlevania 3 Guide would Love to See so more Guides for Castlevania Games in the Future… I m gonna play some Contra Anniverary Collection now and use what I learned here. Peace from Germany

  2. Nostalgia! I remember playing this with my brother in a fake bootleg Nintendo, I don't remember it being too hard. Seems like I need to take my nostalgia goggles off..

  3. Too bad this game is a such shameless rip off of Probotector, right? 🙂

  4. Masterfully done my man! Now try doing this with silver surfer lol

  5. That was a far more informative video than I expected. You sure crammed a lot of dialog in some of those sections!

  6. Awesome video! I have no intention on ever playing this game, but I love your videos.

    Ik waardeer het echt dat je zoveel moeite stopt in guides maken voor challenge runs. Voor mij is dit een van de beste gaming guide kanalen, dus nog een beetje Hollandse trots ook!

  7. why not use laser? you can cut it off by firing again and it does the most damage on a single hit.

  8. I tried to upload today with no death run, but Facebook blocked the video, stating SME (Sony Music Entertainment) owns the content. Meanwhile, lots of people are already uploading months ago and was not blocked.

  9. All you have to do is drink a potion an become super human ….duh

  10. Great video! I dust the cobwebs off the old NES every so often and play a few rounds of my favorite games. Contra is one of them. I’ve always strived to have a flawless run, although something always goes wrong and I take a death along the way. I’ll try implementing some of your strategies into my gameplay and see if I can pull off a flawless run! Thanks!

  11. Tof dat ik dit kan leren in een taal die ik spreek: gebroken engels😂

  12. Good do a no hit guide without picking up any powerups(use the starting gun)

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