30 gedachten over “How The Dogecoin Millionaire LOST $3 MILLION”

  1. To be fair the reason he got to $3M unrealized gains in the first place is because he didn’t sell.

  2. This guy looks like the guy who tried to black mail batman in the dark night

  3. He should of swapped out for shiba inu and the pulled out. That 3mil would of been $300 mil

  4. I don't care what the POSSIBLE is, if you tell me that I can press a button and have 0 debt, get a full reset in life and "never work again" … I'm taking that every damn time. What I wouldn't give to reset. Cost of living has damn near broken me. These people are greedy.

  5. You know why .. cause that's not how the market works, he knows it's only going to be bigger next run.

  6. I would have invest in the highest returning safe assets and join a genuine veteran pro traders prop program for a few k. This guy 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Invest here ______, where is that exactly? DM

  8. Really…!? I’m in such a terrible place financially listening to something like this and having someone with the knowledge and experience offering to advise and help you to achieve some financial security and rejecting it just sounds so insane to me it’s really hard to comprehend the thought behind it.

  9. Technically he only lost his original investment. He didn't have the $3 Million in Doge Liquidated.

  10. i had three whole bitcoins that i bought for under $220 per coin almost 10 years ago. man i should of waited a few years instead of selling when they doubled and tripled in value, which took a long time. woulda, coulda, shoulda. Missing out on big money opportunities will happen many times in your life as you get old. Good luck in trying to catch lightning and big profits people, it's very hard to do

  11. I’m keeping all these Pokémon cards.. especially Sharzar..(forever…..

  12. 😅😂😅 bro that man is a smart man. That will be worth wayy more in the future. Small sacrifice for a big win. Elon will take doge to the Moon and beyond. Remember the most entertaining outcome is the most likely.

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