How BTS Members Go Outside Without Being Detected? The Untold Truth Was Revealed…

laatste update: 08-2022

BTS is known worldwide for their music and engaging performances. As their popularity has grown, so have the rumours and speculation about the group and their personal lives. One question that seems to come up a lot is how the members are able to go outside without being recognised by fans or the paparazzi. So, what do BTS members do to go outside without being detected? The answer may surprise you!

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30 gedachten over “How BTS Members Go Outside Without Being Detected? The Untold Truth Was Revealed…”

  1. always hope they can live a life as a normal do, enjoy fun time, and also hope that their safety and privacy can be respected all the time. sadly to think that, they cannot go out and play together just because they do not want the attention from the crowds no matter for their own safety or the safety of the public is already a huge burden.

  2. Without the bodyguards, fancy clothes, jewelry, make up, and swag, none of the BTS members would be recognized by the gp simply because people have the notion that the boys can NOT be ordinary or normal in the true sense of the word. Even if they take the train (like Tae did) or admire the artworks in a gallery (as RM did) people wouldn't easily recognize them. Who would have thought that a rich and famous global superstar would get on a train when he in fact owns a fancy car or two. Having a different persona projected to the gp is usually an effective camouflage. Armys however have keen eyesight and eventually they can recognize the members after doing a double take; but because they respect the boys' privacy they leave them alone to enjoy their down time.

  3. ❤😀😃😄😁😆😅🤣😂🙂🙃😉😊😇🥰😍🤩😘🤗🤭😥😢😭😺😸😻😽💌💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💟❣🧡❤😀😃😄😁😆😅🤣😂🙂🙃😉😊😇🥰😍🤩😘🤗🤭😥😢😭😺😸😻😽💌💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💟❣🧡Wonderful and amazing and mashallah and subhanallah

  4. Да так много людей,которые увидев своего кумира,хотят с ним пообщаться при встречи,что не входит в планы артиста,жаль,что многие люди не могут этого понять.Удачи мальчикам в работе 👏😊🌹💜💚❤️

  5. They have to be careful because of some toxic fans such as saesangs . With their increasing stardom , it's not possible to go out freely in public but I hope they enjoy their time 💜.

  6. Literally, I could stay up all night watching BTS. It's 2 a.m. and that's what I'm doing right now. I'm always in for watching BTS, anytime anywhere 💜

  7. Thanks for this important video, Ms. KHN. It would no doubt be quite a shock to any of us loyal fans to discover any BTS Members, looking like ordinary people visiting our neighborhood. First, there's the instant chill of recognition that hits our bodies, the shock where we may begin to say something to – or about – them. AND THEN, THE "RED ALERT WARNING" … like this one… that we've heard many times to help protect them from stalkers of any caliber.

    Most of us might instantly turn into plain clothed, "secret agents" for our states or national governments – trying desperately to be subtle and NOT stare at them in our desire to keep them safe. Naturally, questions would race thought our heads: "WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANY BTS MEMBER BE HERE IN "MUD HOLE, CALIFORNIA?" That's not the real name. It's Atascadero, but that what it actually means.

    Then, instantly, the names of several famous musicians who live on hilltops in every direction in this county come to my mind. So, maybe they have a collab with someone?

    BTW, this is ALL FICTION as an example of how things happen. None of it is true except for numerous Los Angeles celebrities buying hilltops in beautiful San Luis Obispo County, CA and flying home after work by helicopter. So, yes, co-labs can privately happen at home studios.

    AND, given that loyal BTS fans range is ages from four to 84, "invisible" would be an excellent way to describe a unit of ordinary agents who are out and about on most country streets around the world.

    The really great looking, well styled people who are out and about and playing "finders- keepers" with BTS in mind will more likely NOT look like the average citizen, but the latest models. Probably not walking, but driving something sporty, even if rented for the day. We are all who we are are.

    Thank for the love, the valuable information, and the update, Ms. KHN. YOU'RE THE BEST.

    >My phone is not connecting well these days, so when I miss videos, it's only because this smartphone has decided to take time off. Arghh! So sorry to miss you, Tara and her horses in Yorkshire, and K or C-Dramas when this Samsung doesn't want to participate with the world!!<
    😢 😔 😟 🙁 😥 🧡

  8. I think it's nice that they dress casual it reminds them that they were people just like us they seem to be very humble and that's a good thing they're awesome

  9. Thank you ☺️💜🤩 For the Great Videos 😀! Always ☺️ They're So Very Nice and Kind about Our Beautiful Men!!! And Informative,😍 I Hope They will try and be Able to have as Much Happiness and Fun Always wherever They Goooo,!💐

  10. To się nazywa "cena popularności". Ale to prawda, że niektórzy fani potrafią zachowywać się jak osoby psychicznie chore.

  11. It’s sad that they have to do this… but there NORMAL fans wouldn’t put them in arms way. It’s just those crazy ones. They are human and deserve to have a normal life. They allways do there very best for us. I love you all and I’m a forever fan.💜💜

  12. Ich finde es sehr traurig das etliche Menschen nicht akzeptieren das auch Bts eine Privatsphäre haben wollen. Sie sind schließlich auch nur Menschen.😥😥😥

  13. They are not your property. Or pieces of meat. Leave them alone. Give them the same respect you'd expect and let them live their lives. They should not be forced to hide their appearance and walk around with bodyguards forever.

  14. No, sorry🙊💜Please understand, that this level of attention, & fame is exactly what they all wanted – & worked endlessly for, for years. They can do what they like, mostly, but yes, they hv to be careful in ordinary places – but Seokjinnie & Namjoonie ride their bikes (in hats & ordinary anti viral masks) – but nobody realises it's them – unless they're at the river or in other idol haunts – where ppl just won't bother them, bc they know it's them – but they're fine & it's not a burden💫 to them – they💫would be upset if fans & public weren't💫 giving them that attention💫 actually. (& they knew💫before they were famous💫what being an idol is💫& that level of fame they'd hv if successful💫& they wanted💫 to be that famous💫 (Yes the saesaengs are awful) – but mostly, the Korean fans are VERY respectful💫the Japanese fans too💫 – they're safe around those fans – nobody will actually touch them – a bit further south they can get mobbed, sometimes🙏💜(& the members regularly💫 go shopping in stores; JM & Hobi espc – are always being💫 photographed shopping💫) – the person who makes these videos isn't Korean🇰🇷💜& definitely doesn't know what happens in Seoul💫 & JM was shopping💫 in Busan💫with his brother recently, no problem🙏💜

  15. Спачибо за коментари о жизни парней BTS, спасибо тем, кто защищает таким образом жизнь парней, храни вас Бог, огромное спасибо, за всё, что вы делаете для них.🙏😊❤

  16. I pray they can have the best of life an be all respected in public they deserve to enjoy them selves bless you all bts an much joy an happiness. Love you all.

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