30 gedachten over “HEX up 352x this year! Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, litecoin and everything else? HEX wins! in 2022”

  1. Hey Richard much respect for you, I did invest in HEX Staked
    I hold XRP, I think it's going to be a Stable coin, what do You Think?

  2. >backed by nothing
    >infinite supply
    >followers blinded by a charismatic narcissist
    >cute videos that make it clear you can't lose
    shit makes me sick. you guys are bagholders.

  3. 567,116,618,056 that the suply mean if it for 1 dollar it will be more then bitcoin market cap and I don;t see that happening anytime soon

  4. Where do the interests and token appreciation comes from?
    In the case of a bank the interests come from lending and investing

  5. Saw you for the first time on Around the Blockchain and it was apparent you know much of the space. Much more than the norm. And your mic was much better than the moderators! Hats off. I think Ill buy me some hex!

  6. I hate all shitcoins…but if Richard Hart is involved I at least gotta learn more about this. Just wish I had seen this earlier, time to subscribe to your channel!

  7. I like this guys voice and it has a good background ambient, and it shortly explains what hex is.

  8. Mr Heart.. in the pulsex challenge… im so confused on poi nt system.. if right now today someone sacrifices 10million shib.. how many points @6pm on 1/18/22 would a person be credited towards the political statement contest?

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