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  2. After watching so many YouTube tutorial videos, I started trading on crypto currency with $4,000 and now I making $16,450 profits from the investment every 11days I never loss my money.

  3. We were Years ahead, that was the problem but in our favor.. especially if u didn't fall for the 4+ years of Traps. Few True Genius' in this Realm.

  4. I don't want to be track and traced, nor do most people i know, then what?

  5. Problem is that the rest of the world don't care about ESG.

  6. While I'm no fan of this carbon nonsense, I'm holding HBAR because I'm tired of betting against Satan and losing.

  7. I'm starting to truly believe this is actually a 100x opportunity from here.

  8. Hedera will do the same price action that AGIX Singularitynet did

  9. There are so many ways to increase your hedera bags with the various dapps it's unbelievable. Hello Future

  10. I don't care about environmental impact. Give me a break with this woke bs

  11. πŸ‘ hbar 500$ this time next week after an explosive movementπŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  12. Yesterday they released few more Hbar tokens .is it true ?

  13. What’s wrong with Hbar .Why they keep releasing tokens and dumping price

  14. Leemon Baird is a genius and it’s technology is so far ahead of its time. Success is in having a world class governing council. There is no other project like it !
    Give it Time and Space

  15. Without Counsel, plans go wrong, but with many advisors they will succeed.

  16. Where was that hedera graphic you were looking at located?

  17. TPS means nothing. Use cases are important. Most of these transactions are junk.

  18. Hbar will maybe the only blockchain to get certified to be legal because it is carbon low and superfast no front running. So u can build real life assets on it. My prediction is $11 2027

  19. ESG is nothing but chains for US. Especially since the BRICS country's are free to do wtf they want. Good luck.

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