He Stopped Texting… Now What? in 2023

laatste update: 12-2023

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In this video, dating coach Ryan Patrick discusses how you should approach the question, he stopped textingโ€ฆ now what?

30 gedachten over “He Stopped Texting… Now What? in 2023”

  1. As a woman who honestly wants to stop texting my boyfriend a lot, I think there's a stupid amount of emphasis on texting nowadays… Look how many relationships it's destroying :/

  2. HIS loss if he acts childish and ignores me….I don't have time for the BS games. Know your worth ladies.๐Ÿ™‚

  3. he ignores me but i keep texting him anyway. he played with me then ok lets play

  4. He is right… need to move on with life not worry about those type… haha

  5. If I have to search for these types of videos it is clear he is not interested and definitely not the one. The right man/woman would not play mind games.

  6. When the text thread starts looking like you talking to yourself. Leave it be… Don't wanna bother nobody who is clearly ignoring you.

  7. Nobody waits at a phone we walk around with our phones !!!!! Silly

  8. You really put women down as if we are needy soppy things

  9. As soon as he didn't get back to me I deleted his number so I couldn't reach out to him again. And this is the second time I had to do this. We both just want different things. He wants something with little effort :/ feeling let down but better to be early on. Next!!!

  10. I don't have power to play this game anymore… Just want to meet someone I genuinely like and text them and say yes to them and be happy! All those games are useless and exhausting

  11. Thank you. This made me solidify my decision more than ever. This is truly helpful.

  12. Ghosting is difficult because you then question your ENTIRE experience with the person. You'll replay connecting moments, intimacy, and conversations to see if they told you that this is their level consciousness or not. It's especially difficult when you can't find one sign to connect to this behavior. But being outraged doesn't do any good. I think of it as, if you're going to date today you have to EXPECT ghosting. It can happen three dates in, three weeks, three months, before or after sex, and it's just the new code. It's information that: 1. You aren't it for them. 2. They aren't that evolved as humans to do the courageous thing. The only bigger turn-off I can think of is someone actually being married, or some kind of criminal. Take this information as all you need to know and move on.

  13. Ladies, you go ahead and try all this nonsense on a high value man who has women pursuing him and see how that works out for you. These games are great with a guy who has no job and lives in mommaโ€™s basement.

  14. After 6 years my boyfriend just left me, no explanation, no contact. Just nothing. How to move forward ? ๐Ÿ˜”

  15. Guess it even happens to those in their sixties and beyond..who knew?

  16. Gosh, at first glance I thought you were BUD from "Married with Children!" Al Bundy…….

  17. When he called back I didnโ€™t recognise his voice ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚really. He was soooo disappointed ๐Ÿ˜…

  18. Solid advice. And yes, if this is how lazy he is towards you now…..what would he be like later if you did manage to get him back? So true. Food for thought.

  19. What if my guy Ghosts me for a week after we have been dating for over 2 years?! Then when I do hear from him he says he just going thru some things right now. So confusing. ๐Ÿ˜ข

  20. Have I been doused with he needy clingy gene…it's so hard not to role reverse when it's been feeling good… need to revamp

  21. What a jerk!! Thank God I'm not looking for a young man! I hate these "cool" know it all nerds today!

  22. I been ghosted about 10 times or more be single for 2 years I only start getting my self out there on the dating game last year๐Ÿ˜‚ I was 48 2 year ago when I came single I was with my husband for 23 years I am in a good place inside and out I don't know what happen am never giving up on love because of them ghost me it's there loss it a blessing am a goodness and beautiful I don't know why men do that x

  23. I was talking to a guy back two months and last week he is not well and he told me he feel irritated and now its been two days we haven't talked and i asked him he says he told already that he is not well he will text me knce he recover he somehow i don't know i get a vibe of that maybe he is ghosting me idk

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