Hannity: This Trump town hall did NOT go well for CNN #shorts

laatste update: 09-2023

Fox News host Sean Hannity highlights moments from former President Donald Trump’s town hall with CNN.

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30 gedachten over “Hannity: This Trump town hall did NOT go well for CNN #shorts”

  1. Imagine if Joe could talk freely that long? Imagine someone firing questions to Joe live on TV hahahahahaha

  2. Trump did look bad. Same old lies and BS. He claims 1/6 was a beautiful day. Only MAGA morons would swallow that.

  3. Yet we never heard them badger Obummer with questions about the Sinclair interview with accusations of cocaine use and a homosexual encounter with him in a limo. Didn't see them badgering Joke about the allegations of a sexual battery by a female staffer! Nothing but crickets from the bought and paid for leftist propaganda wing of the DNC! CLOWN SHOW!🤡🆘💩💔😭

  4. We need this lady to question Biden like she did trump my leader. If she could be hostile did trump, then she could be just as more hostile to creepy Joe.

  5. Katlyn Collins has far more honor and class than Donald Trump!

  6. The Donald came prepared. You want your President to always be prepared. This poor girl got schooled by Donald Trump.

  7. What a wonderfully delightful COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT interview! Yet, again, by CNN

  8. Did Murdock approve this segment, Hannity????? You are not a tough guy you are an outspoken sheep!!!!! You should have all stood tall with Tucker but you fell in line just like the rest of them

  9. And her gotcha questions worked for anyone who’s seen the full thing uninterrupted

  10. Hey Sean Hannity, "Gavin Newsom". I'm saying his name because I hear you pee your pants a little every time you hear it after the brutal takedown you just took

  11. Oh my God Insanity Hannity Trump doesn't need anybody to help him look bad. He does a great all by himself.

  12. Making trump look bad—in military parlance—is “Operation Let Him Speak.”

  13. im a democrat.. been democrat for 29 years… I switched my vote, due to this town hall!

  14. Nobody has to "try" to make trump look bad.
    All anyone has to do is ask a simp,e question, and he'll do the rest all by himself.
    He's a douchebag.

  15. This girl should lose her job after this interview show how disrespectful who is her father age level who is former president of her country.If she speak disrespectfully like that to our president she would be in jail for 4 years.Trump has good heart lucky for girl.

  16. Name 1 person in the whole wide world that Rump respects… Just 1! …. [crickets]

  17. This is why I stopped watching the Donald Trump Worship Hour… otherwise known as Hannity. I spent the last 6 years fighting the idea that Trump supporters were a cult… maybe I was wrong.

  18. As far as 2020 Trump opened the door to that one. Don't blame the media when they ask Trump about 2020 and legal cases when Trump HIMSELF won't stop whining about them. Say I don't want to discuss that and move on. Any half-competent lawyer would ORDER Trump to "no comment" on any legal case.

  19. What this short did is string together the moderator's questions to make it look like it was a non-stop barrage. Shame on you Hannity!

  20. The narcissistic psychopath, Elisa control Biden hired her and you gave her those questions.. lol

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