laatste update: 11-2022

GREAT NEWS FOR XRP AND BITCOIN INVESTORS 🔥 ( XRP HOLDERS REJOICE!) Aq news update on the SEC case against Ripple

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  1. What am I missing?…the sec ripple case is in SDNY which is the 2nd circuit. What’s going on in 5th circuit?

  2. Keep up the good work, the XRPArmy likes your objective contribution!

  3. Eff off George…you don't rep Xrp until it gets you an audience… perpetually "goingunup, it's goingunup".

  4. This video is all wrong.. the SEC vs Ripple case does not have in-house judges and ripple is not having a hard time proving XRP is not a security 🤣 use your words wisely

  5. If XRP were to move up into the 4th top coin, it would only be $1.50.. just letting those with big hopes know

  6. Man, even if you give good news about Ripple or XRP, YOU STILL find a way to throw fud in it! Ripple is NOT having a hard time providing they aren't a security!
    Do your homework and give out the real facts!
    Unless, this is your intention to spread FUD about Ripple or XRP… 🤔

  7. Lol!!! I get an in house judge next time. And win every trial nice.

  8. Fun fact. if xrp loses this case sec is going after cryptos your holding george… did you get it or you need a moment to think?

  9. SEC needs to be done away with.
    Their restrictive, exclusive nature is Communistic.

  10. GUYS!!! Vote TRUMP asap and get these Liberal Ls tf out of government

  11. So now you are talking positive about xrp. When solana cardano btc eth etc where going up u chose to keep silent.

  12. Man I'm literally too old for this. By the time this is over I'll probably be rich in an old folks home maybe I can just slide somebody and some extra xrp to give me some damn jello.

  13. George is an absolute HACK! I witnessed it first hand. George 👎👎

  14. XRP RIPPLE is a part of the World Economic Forum. It's going to be used!

  15. Ripple is not having a hard time, quite the contrary here.
    Ripple just filed a motion for sumary judgment based on facts. No jury needed, there's nothing but facts in this case.

  16. Bless our ISO Family. ☆XRPapa, XLMama, XDChildren, ALGOncle & IOTAuntie☆

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