Gravitas: Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell drowns in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

Former US President Barack Obama’s personal chef was found dead on the 25th of July. Police say Tafari Campbell drowned while paddleboarding. Conspiracy theorists believe the ‘story is shady’. So, what’s the truth?

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29 gedachten over “Gravitas: Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell drowns in 2023”

  1. Thats nothing compare with how far they go….to silent the true we already know….

  2. This is more of the dirty yricks by the thugs of the deep state which Obumer is a part of. He didnt want the book to come out and expose his dirty life.


  4. Obama kill our African leader and his entire family,…. now he killed our Jamaican chef.
    I always know he wasn't really one of us in heart.

  5. Shout up! We live in a country of law. Whatever it is, the law enforcement of our country we investigate. It is not for a foreign country news anchor to endorse a conspiracy theory based on no evidence

  6. Whats going on with Bidens dumping war material's on Afhanistani when he ran away

  7. There are some EVIL modafuckas in this world. RIP brother. Hod will avenge on your behalf!

  8. Interesting he drowned and succumbed to the same fate bush and Clinton’s chef drowned to as well.. coincidence???

  9. Future presidents will be robots. Good thing they don't need to eat because they won't be getting anymore Whitehouse Chefs😂😂😂

  10. Come on you really can be thing about president Obamas have same thing to do no way

  11. They know their secrets , when you work for lizard l don't think live

  12. A sacrifice for more money is how they play, proven by other celebrities of music and film it’s a dems game as sick as you can be with no rule or laws obeyed!

  13. Bharat should rise this issue in all forms. This barack hussein obama commented on Bharat us

  14. He was a good swimmer. This is a lie. Democrats like their lies to cover up their crimes. I am sure like the clintons chef this chefs all way too much. Maybe he was going to expose just how gay Obama is.

  15. He was screwing Obama in the butt Obama got really hurt because the guy had another lover in Obama's got mad and had him killed remember Larry Sinclair you know this guy is gay remember under him gays got the right to marry

  16. Like the Clinton's crime syndicat, there is also a Obama crime syndicat!

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