Fox News Cuts Away From Trump’s 2024 Campaign Announcement

laatste update: 09-2023

Donald Trump announced his 2024 campaign for president on Tuesday, but the speech was not carried by several major networks. Even Fox News, a longtime ally of Trump’s previous political career, interrupted his speech at one point when Trump was mid-sentence.
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30 gedachten over “Fox News Cuts Away From Trump’s 2024 Campaign Announcement”

  1. Does he really not know how to pronounce ANGELA? Did he not speak to her even once? Seems like the name would have come up during White House briefings.

  2. The best thing that can happen for the Democrats is for Trump to run against Joe. DeSantis would be a tight race, a boring republican would win.

  3. He's walked out of his mind. Sharing an 8ball with his little donny

  4. Can he not afford a doctor anymore?
    He looked minutes away from a heart attack..

  5. 인류대성인지도는 우주만방의 만백성들을 널리 이롭게 하너니라ㆍ이것이 하늘지이법 이기 때문이니라 ㅡ

    인간의 인격은 마음의 내공으로 부터 나온다ㆍ이를 격조높은 품격은 마음의 내공이 꽉 차면은 몸밖으로 표출이 되는데 이것이 인간의내면적 자아완성 단계로 부터 나오는 덕충부 이니라 ㆍ덕은 그사람의 마음의 품성으로 나오는데 이것을 사물에게 적용되는데 이것이 《품격지신(品格之神) 》ㅡ《인격신등권/(마음의 품성)》ㅡ《자아완성기/(인간완성 성인)》ㅡ대우주
    ㆍ소우주가 행로지도ㅡ
    삼도합일 ㆍ천지공사라고 정의한다

    ㅡ진주/(白玉 ㆍ인간의 혈액순환 촉진기능ㆍ광유기체
    기에네지가 나온다 ㆍ옥을 지니는 몸을 이롭게 하오며ㆍ신ㆍ인간의 접선하는데 필요한 필수물품이다)

    ㅡ마음에 담고있는 모든 것이 인간의 몸에 나타난다ㆍ두가지이다 하나는 나의 얼굴에 나타나는 현상이요ㆍ이것을 가지고 모든 인사을 결정한다 ㆍ이것을 궁예는 관심법 /(마음의 눈으로서 사물을 바라보고 인식하는 것을 우리는 관심법 이라고 한다)ㅡ
    다른 하나는 몸에서 나타난다고 한다ㆍ두가지로서 인간의 마음이 나타나는 현상들이 존재한다

    성신일여/(性神一如/ 내마음ㆍ하늘의 신이 하나되어서 작용하게 된다 ㆍ지축기울기 23,5 도 100 년동안 창조화세계ㅡ뇌본사회 ㅡ이성적인간상 ㅡ서양에서는 칸트 3대피판서 ㅡ동양학에서는 울곡ㆍ퇴계이황 ㅡ송나라 안향 주자학ㅡ중국 16세가 학문적 집대성 한 이론을 충국역수출 정치ㆍ도덕정치근본뿌리가 됩니다)ㅡ


  6. Take the trump (the one termer for life) dump. Show America you care. Take a trump dump. They are gonna be held account able.

    Remember where the Karen Party(former maga cult) hate democracy, has split the republican party giving President Biden the win in 2024.

    If maga cult, the Karens, shrinks, if republicans can do their job for America and take the trump (one thermer for life) republicans will have a small chance in 2028, bot has no chance with President Bidens great leadership.

  7. Yah President Trump !
    we. remember her Lovely
    lady Angala We understand just keep calling out to us Trump
    Patriots ! were here as always ! Listening closely !
    Texas hears. you completely !

  8. How!!! How is he eligible or even allowed to run again. Whats wrong with our country.

  9. He wants to turn our country into a dictatorship Fox News. WHY ARENT YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS? Every other news organization is!

  10. I praise Hod he chose you as the anointed one. I pray for you your family. For safety and that you keep listening to God.

  11. Ya know .. there's actually no law forbiding him from governing from a jail cell.

  12. This is like watching “Galaxy Quest”. Now, twenty years later, aliens under attack have mistaken the GALAXY QUEST television transmissions for “historical documents” and beam up its crew of has-been actors to save the universe.

  13. No further evidence needed, that He's certifiable.😂😂

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