Flo Rida | Where Are They Now? | Tragic Downfall Of His Musical Career in 2023

laatste update: 03-2023

Flo Rida | Where Are They Now? | Tragic Downfall Of His Career
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Back in 2007, Flo Rida hit-track “Low” was inescapable. I’m talking ubiquitous radio play and a whole bunch of us can probably recall dancing to it at our high school proms. The single was catchy, raunchy, and helped propel Flo Rida into the national spotlight. But flash-forward about fourteen years, and most of Flo Rida’s fans are curious as to what exactly happened to him. Sure, he’s hinted at a new album release on the horizon recently, but here’s the thing — he’s been teasing that album for a long time now. In the meantime, he seems to have gotten his side-hustle on, investing in a couple of projects like a food and drink complex, along with crashing the NFT market. Unfortunately, he’s also been making some headlines for the wrong reasons after disowning a child he had with a woman a couple of years ago. Why would he do such a thing? Keep watching to find out.

Flo Rida | The Dark Side of Fame:

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0:00 Intro
2:06 Who Is Flo Rida?
2:20 Debut Album “Mail On Sunday”
3:22 2nd Album “Roots”
3:54 3rd Album “Only One Flo”
4:33 EP “My House”
5:11 Body Transformations
5:39 Teasing New Music
6:37 Old Sistrunk Distillery
6:57 NFT’s
7:18 Refusing To Meet His Own Child
8:10 Last Words

30 gedachten over “Flo Rida | Where Are They Now? | Tragic Downfall Of His Musical Career in 2023”

  1. They didn't have to use Chris Brown mugshot like that. They wrong😂😂😂😂

  2. I with u My dude wtf is a nft 🤔notta fucking thong or thing🤔????????

  3. He was probably in the studio in October 2020 recording his verses for the song "Adrenalina"

  4. I was wondering too why he disappeared and the other guy Sean Kingston

  5. I have never hoped for a rapper to fall off until Aunt Flow popped up. Terrible music

  6. He just knew the game,beat the game and got out….Simples.

  7. "the album itself would only ever top at number 4 on the billboard top 200"…. ONLY LOL 😆 YALL DUMB

  8. Flo Rida da OG his legend will never be forgotten. This new generation will never understand who really Flo Rida was and how legendary he was in the early 2010s

  9. Literally one of the top 5 best rappers of all Time bro his music has good vibes and party vibes his music will forever be lit I wish music nowadays was like that nostalgia feeling 💪🖤

  10. Everyone defending him remember how he treated his own son who is disabled? Tried to get the Mother to get any abortion. Didn't pay the people signed to his record label? I swear people will support anyone just cuz they like their music.

  11. You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the evil villain

  12. Who ever thinks he wasn’t talented you’re an idiot, this guy made hits after hits 💯🙌🏾

  13. Ayo listen to zillionaire and sweet sensation and tell me they ain’t hits

  14. He fell off because he was addicted to the fame. Another story of a lame with money. The women who got pregnant by him should of known better honestly. She was only arm candy for his fiveheaded ass anyway. When you don't do right by your children GOD WILL NEVER DO RIGHT BY YOU !

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