FIX high Memory/RAM Usage (Windows 10/11)✔️

laatste update: 12-2022

hello guys ,
today I’m gonna show you How to FIX high Memory/RAM Usage on both Windows 10 & Windows 11.

check out these CPU’s from amazon ✔️
➡️ (Intel Core i3-10100F)
wise memory optimizer (3MB file)_ its safe 100% i guarantee you

00:00 unnecessary services
00:46 page files
01:33 wise memory optimizer
01:53 background apps
02:07 google chrome
02:32 startup tasks
02:43 animations
02:10 windows update
03:26 outro ’n stuff

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  1. I'm giving shout-outs to new content creators in every new upcoming videos ..

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    much love.. ♥♥♥

  2. thank you so much ive been looking for a solution for like forever. before this tutorial my pc was at 90% memory idle. after the tutorial my ram is now at 40% and i didnt even do every step. truly thanks

  3. You know your stuff man I was trying to play a game I have never been able to play this helped me thanks a lot you earned a subscriber

  4. Literally straight to the point and doesn’t do an intro. I love it.

  5. Sheesh that works but goes to Roblox the cpu mem disk wifi and the gpu 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  6. Thanks, this actually helped with a memory problem i was having in 3ds max.

  7. How does it feel to be the most badass person alive? You're a goddamn legend bro!

  8. Many tech sites say wise memory optimiser is useless and actually harms your pc and causes crashes?

  9. thank you now my pc is gonna be clean im droppin a sub thanks my guy

  10. when i try to disable the background intelligent transfer service it says error

  11. I already know the other ones so it also helps to get faster since you added a few more things, great help

  12. I appreciate how you explain to us 👍
    But i hate last one 😡 windows update 😡
    I suffered lot using windows update
    Oneday my pc got crash because of update & i needed to reset my pc. This is not the end, while resetting my pc it goes stuck in 68% 😂 almost 8 hours, lol
    But thanks ♥

  13. Great straight forward and fun video. Cut my RAM usage almost in half.

  14. bro thank you so much my memory went from 50-60 to 90-100 now im gonna have fun lagging

  15. Interesting person and. You cat lover 🥺❤️
    And we'll. It really work I recommended this video help full everyone ❤️ thanks you!

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