Fix for OneDrive Sync Issues

laatste update: 12-2022

Most of us have run into OneDrive for Business synchronization problems from time to time. I explain some of the common solutions to fix these annoying issues and walk you through how to resync folders if none of those solutions work. I also list the OneDrive for Business file size limits, total storage limits, invalid file name characters and folder names. If you cannot resolve your OneDrive sync problems feel free to post a comment and I will try to answer your questions.

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  1. wow one drive is really useless,pent 3 weeks trying to move my files to one drive…. i use a mac with 0ffice 365 so I decided to move all my files to iCloud drive worked first time…i once again justified why i don't like Microsoft

  2. My onedrive is stuck on looking for changes and has been for four weeks the files I need on onedrive are VERY important.

  3. My OneDrive says I have a sync issue and something called "writelock" is being used by another program and that program needs to be closed before syncing can take place. I have no idea what they're talking about. Can you help?

  4. Thank you. I looked up some other tips but they did not work. Yours is great!

  5. Hello Sir, great video. My question is when you are unable to locate the files in your folders or in the one drive folder but you can see the files are in the one-drive site storage metrics. How can I sync them to both locations where they should be?

  6. I use a new iMac and a MacBook Pro, side by side. OneDrive documents are not fully synched on both. Someone suggested deleting OneDrive on both computers, then reinstalling. Should that work? It's scary to think of deleting, although I understand it is Cloud storage.

  7. I uploaded a ton of old pics of my kids to one drive. Figured they’d be safe in the cloud. Now I can’t access them at all. The folder is there. The files are there. But all of them have grey X’s on them and read as 0 kB. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Are my files just gone?

  8. It can't sync files like normal apps(epson app, anydesk app etc.) , is that normal?

  9. Thorough video, good content. easy to understand. Thank you

  10. Thank-you. Used a slash in the file name. Removed it and problem solved!

  11. Thanks for the content.
    Makes you wonder how the largest software company ion earth offers a product with its key function – SYNC – not working.
    How come millions of users failing SYNC and no fixes from Microsoft for years now? Just look how Google does it and do the same!!!

  12. well this is fine, but it doesn't address the issue that the product is buggy and continuing, after many years, to have this problem.

  13. well-explained and right to the point. It helped me resolve my issue. Thank you!

  14. Thank you very much for your tutorial !! After going through many other YouTube videos and google results , this one was the one to actually resolve the issue ! Your drag to desktop then back onto one drive is what worked for me !! Thanks again !!

  15. Hey so my phone and laptop have same onedrive acc so my when I synced my phone it uploaded like 2000 photos and my storage was full so I deleted my photos from the drive but now everytime I take a screenshot or something on the laptop it shows me a notification for storage full (which is not full). So what do I do?!

  16. onedrive : what is the deference between (add shortcut to my files) vs (sync )? what is best ?

  17. Thanks you, Sele Training you are kind person give us more than you may do which is good

  18. The biggest problem with OneDrive is that I can only deactivate the app and not uninstall it.

  19. Hi there. I downloaded a few folders from a shared Sharepoint location. Immediately afterwards I can see that OneDrive sync is showing the files which are located in the folders. Is there any way I can download the files from Sharepoint without them showing on the OneDrive sync (Because I am not the owner of the files on Sharepoint). Thank you very much. Lee

  20. My offline documents were signed with annotation function, but later when I reopen them at home, all the signatures were gone. MTF!!! I am grumpy af now as they are my projects…..

  21. Microsoft has endless problems. I am switching to Google Drive

  22. I have account in Microsoft Office 360 OneDrive, but When I logined after that I can never see My Files (My Data). I just get an error "Check your network connection and then pull down to refresh" via OneDrive App in Andriod and When I open in via Browser there is noa ny option of "My Files". Now I am worried about my Files or Data that is vanished somewhere.

  23. These are all bugs that Microsoft should be fixing… not issues that users need to fix! Also, a good argument to use any cloud solution except Onedrive.

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