EXCLUSIVE NEW Q&A w/ NIKITA – 10 Questions // Escape from Tarkov News

laatste update: 08-2022

Nikita was cool enough to answer some questions for me. Before we get started BSG also announced a sale coming up soon so if you or a buddy were going to buy or upgrade hold off a couple days, details in the description. Now we can get right to that Q&A but there’s going to be a couple questions missing I’m sure a lot of you out there want to hear about. Some things people are not excited about that are seen as the current issues in the game. I’ll go down the list in my no BS format at the end of the video because a lot of people already know the answers to those questions so I figured I’d get to the new stuff first.

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Although I do sometimes get a hand from BSG and occasionally get to talk to Nikita or other members of the team, I do not work for BSG. I also work entirely off public information and past experiences of working in game dev myself, as well as following this game closely for several years. Unless I state very clearly otherwise, the information you’re about to hear should be taken as speculation. You can either get no information or speculation, that’s all we have to go off of these days unfortunately which is why it’s easier to just say Thursday whenever anyone asks for dates. If you want hard facts and dates you won’t get them, period.

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  1. If the russian army faction isnt running around in dogshit gear like they do in Ukraine.. i will be very angy at Nikita.

  2. All of this is completely irrevlevant when they cant fix what already is implemented they need to stop focusing on progress and finish whats already been released broken AF

  3. So I have a possible future question to ask I believe they talked about it before but is there still plans to have an alternative way of getting into locked rooms I have been playing this white a lot harder than the past couple and keys have become the bane of my existence with the rmt changes making most quest keys cost either rivals armband or a dorms Mark room key I would like an alternative way to get into a room even if it was to take a while and or be louder than hell I just don't like the gameplay loop of loading in with a pistol on a packa and hitting a bunch of jackets to try to find keys though I am hoping that the scav case alleviates some of this as I'm currently building it

  4. i wish that death screen, or extract you get info on how much damage you did to a player and where you hit them, could be awesome to get that info so you know if you are aiming incorrectly or what happend.

  5. I infiltrated a discord with over 2k members and about 400 active in chat at a time. filled with cheaters. I learned a lot about the internals of tarkov and realized its pretty much a free for all for cheating. If youre not being greedy or just being a blatent troll, youre invisible. SO many accounts with 1k hours over multiple wipes unbanned. The cheaters are prevalent and the only thing that scares them is a ROOT level access anti cheat. The only people punished are the people who re beligerant with their cheating. Hell people just stream them cheating on twitch constantly. i know you cant stop all the cheaters but its very easy to stop at least 70 percent of the script kiddies who think their Online gods.

  6. Im pretty sure battle state games develops the cheats, sells the cheats, and then bans the players for exploiting the cheats thus repeating the process

  7. I feel like we should get a small reward system for identifying a cheater like a random piece of gear, nothing too flashy but something to at least be compensation for identifying a cheater. And who knows maybe punish them by wiping their account/stash?

  8. I wonder how traders are supposed to work with current anti-RMT obsession. You can't bring as much money as you like, you can't bring some of the barter items either.

    Anti-RMT, IMHO, completely ruined survival-economy aspect of the game.

  9. Such a bad take on cheating. The problem exists, not talking about it and pretending it shouldn't be one of the top priorities for the game right now is just insane. We've had 2 cheaters come into our medium sized discord (they were kicked) and they're not doing it for money. They're doing it because they're bad at the game and want everyone to think they are good. What makes these people cheat is them getting good enough to know when they were cheated on and saying fuck this im just going to do it too. No replay system is part of the problem because the cases where they weren't cheated on can't be confirmed as legit. Tonight alone i've had two level 25 and unders add me calling cheats before I sent them both clips of them getting outplayed, they both apologized. BSG needs to do more and part of that is communicating to your player base that you're actually doing something. That you actually give a shit about the legitimate players. "There's cheaters plagueing every game right now" is so bullshit. Tarkov legitimately makes me thankful for Valorant's Vanguard. I've had 2 total games end because of vanguard bans since the game came out. Warzone was rife with cheaters, at least the devs came out and admitted it was BAD and that they were attempting something. Meanwhile cheaters in Tarkov have access to ridiculous amounts of information. Can't imagine having the opportunity and privilege to ask the hard and important questions and not doing it for fear of the information well drying up.

  10. Thank god i watched this video!!! I would have 100% missed the sale. Prolly one of the last 3 sales of the game before EOD will be removed!

  11. tylko ich śmieszny antycheat można w buty sobie wsadzić XD, wykrywa wszystko tylko nie cziterów, zresztą oszuści chwalą się na forach że obeszli zabezpieczenia battleeye

  12. Thank you for the great video I hope the new wipe is liked. This is the second wipe I’m missing by like 3 months due to duty’s

  13. We want answers to why you have only done one 9000 person ban wave in 2 1/2 years…. there are so many cheaters out there and all you guys are doing is trying to blame servers….. but these cheaters are running rampant and its bad.

  14. Regarding the cheating, there's only so many times we can have huge reveals on just how many people are cheating before we can no longer fully trust Nikita's take on it. There's been several in-depth discussions and tests where people have gone into raids with varying kit values and sat in remote places to test if anyone beelines for them and it is frighteningly common how often the high-value kits get hunted down like they're being stream sniped. You can even go find videos where people discuss or show the "cheater wiggle", where cheaters will wiggle to each other at the start of a match to signal they are going to stay out of each other's path, which is again frighteningly common.

    Bottom line, Nikita and BSG either do not fully understand the scope of or do not care to fully address the cheating problem due to the enormous tech debt refactoring it would require to solve (e.g. proper map info encryption, etc.). If you are fine playing the game at low/mid range gear levels consistently to avoid the cheater targeting you then all power to you, but I'd prefer to just go play STALKER or Singleplayer-modded Tarkov personally.

  15. i am in 100s of cheater discord servers and i always do my best to get proof to get them banned i dont pay them and i go into games with them and kill them becasue well…. fuck cheaters

  16. I don’t think there’s a streamer that’s got balls to address the increasing amount of cheaters and that BSG ain’t doing anything to counter it. Don’t tell me the dsync bs either. It’s easy to call when full squad gets laser beamed through class 5 face shield within 3 seconds

  17. Will it be possible to pretend to be dead? And if so, will it be possible to start shooting from such a position at someone?

  18. another great information video. However i disagree with you on the ways to counter cheats. Banning cheaters won't solve anything. Banned RBG gamer comes back into game with another account within 3 minutes anyway. When will BSG start looking into Tiimies using RGB gamers services? When cheater gets banned, they should go through the logs of who they played with. Send a in-game message to people that were in party with cheaters (you can check on that raid how many shots said Timmy fired, what they came to raid with etc. that gives you indication on who is using carry service (coming to labs with nothing on with rgb gamer= carry service- thats a no brainer) that when they will get caught with a cheater again that Timmy's account will be banned. You watch how many of these noobs that use these services will shit themselves and stop using it. If they wont stop using them= ban them as well. Simple. If the cheating problem (8/10 of my lab runs i get insta head eyed with 7.62 PS ammo through doors/walls) a lot of people that has spent thousands of hours will leave. And with that sale coming up: u watch how many RGB gamers will be running around

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