Ex-Fox employee predicts Tucker Carlson’s next move

Former Fox News employee Jonah Goldberg predicts viewers have not seen the last of Tucker Carlson following his split from Fox News.

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  1. MARTIN LUTHER KING I HAVE DREEM FREEDOM TUCKER CARLSIN❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😄👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙏💛💜🤍😻

  2. Hopefully, it is the last we hear of that part with his ridiculous laugh

  3. Whatever happened to Tucker? Apart from a few old clips like this, you don’t see him around much. Is he still on anywhere ?

  4. Tucker, biggest liar and misinformation spreader outside of bunker boi Donnie.

  5. His version of Events are usually spot On 🎯 That's why the Left hates him!

  6. Just like Trump said, fake news. Fox fake news should not deserve to be on their.

  7. I just want to know how much a Fox got paid for getting him off the air how much did President Biden pay you?

  8. You propagandist and corrupt Media’s are losing ground Well done Tucker

  9. CNN is so fixated on Tucker… they see HIM ALONE as their competition.

  10. Watch who? Phucker Carlstone?

    A DRY Enema is more fulfilling.

  11. Journalism is dead these people are just talking heads!! I love Tucker , He's a alpha and these commies could never come close to him!

  12. Tucker worth more that anybody that world on Fox. 99% politicians do not have 10% of his IQ. He will be very successful by his own

  13. He needs to stay in Mississippi or GUANTANAMO Detention Center

  14. Having fun, doing what he wants, making money. Thats his plan

  15. Wow! What a prediction! This man is a genius! He is actually able to predict that a man will get another job after being fired from a job. My God, he is so smart.

  16. Did I hear that Tucker referred to her as a C***.?
    oops, bad blood going on throughout the media where there is no honor among liars.?

  17. I hope Tucker just makes his own podcast or something.

  18. He'll become a bigger and stronger proponent of truth and exposing the lefts lies and propaganda.

  19. Tucker will consider his age and audience and conclude that network TV is a dying platform w diminishing returns would be crazy to go with a network

  20. His next move is to Twitter where he gets more views on a 20-30 minute video than CNN gets in a whole week of 24/7 broadcasting.

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