Everdome and Metahero Update – Revealing The Whole Truth

laatste update: 06-2023

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30 gedachten over “Everdome and Metahero Update – Revealing The Whole Truth”

  1. #ReefChain развивает #Web3 — это идея новой итерации Всемирной паутины на основе блокчейна, которая включает в себя такие концепции, как децентрализация и экономика на основе токенов.

  2. Nice to have an update on your first baby 🙂 Metahero !!
    I believe Dome will have more potential than metahero I think.

    For the one who hold Dome token, don’t forget to stake them

  3. This thing is trash. Can't believe people still buy this crap. "Might, probably, should" Hero/everdome followers have been using these words since it came out. You don't need insights? You actually believe he's with his family? He always has a BS story. Enjoy losing your money. Lmao.

  4. More updates comming in every day based on crypto. You feed us with a lot of first hand information here, continue with the good work. 🤙🤙

  5. Meta hero is going into big exchange quarter 2. Marketcap very low equals massive price move

  6. Honestly. While cares about tweets. I like that hero is quiet. It shows that they are working. When they do release content it is quality. HERO is gonna move better than DOME

  7. Keep the everdome content coming. It's hard to find new videos about it

  8. You guys think there is a chance hero will reach old ATH again?

  9. Reefchain ongoing best development. It is one of the most active project in this market with the potential to be listed on top exchanges.

  10. OK vesting has ended. Staking is happening but rewards are very low 10% now. I would not lock. Claimed rewards must vest for 12 months after unlocking.

  11. Rob is in silent, telegram groups are extremely censor, price dumps every day, (now it's 50% less from date of this video).. so.. what's the hope in Everdome?

  12. Been a holder since its started. Had 8 million in Everdome and metahero. I just pulled all of it out. Massive shift coming to Crypto and I’m going to wait and rebuy once it tanks coming up. Bitcoin expected to go down to almost 12k which is fn scary. Obviously the rest of this will pull down significantly. Keeping it in my bank and rebuying once it all tanks. I would not keep it in any sort of wallet or exchange right now. Crypto will eventually be renamed to blockchain or BC technology for finance. Until then there is no point in leaving it here. This is also why binance is not allowing withdrawals periodically

  13. Why did they make metahero and everdome two different coins?

  14. Very bad useless video bro, you didn't even do any proper research lmao.
    But let me sum it up for all of you. BOTH COINS ARE A COMPLETE SCAM.

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