Ethereum Sees Massive Price Movement

laatste update: 12-2023

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:14 Turkish crypto exchange
00:02:50 #Polkadot – Wendy’s whitepaper
00:03:24 Dot chart
00:04:26 Copiosa
00:06:23 #Binance stock tokens
00:07:18 BNB
00:07:57 Anti-crypto notices
00:09:19 Ether price ath
00:09:44 Ethereum chart
00:11:58 Conclusion

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13 gedachten over “Ethereum Sees Massive Price Movement”

  1. Yeesss! My favorite hairstyle in you, I wanted it and you did it. Thank you. Always do this hair

  2. I wish I could read charts like you…how did you get so good?

  3. Are their known major banks in the USA (or internationally) that are very clearly good with crypto? I'd be happy to move my money there.

  4. Communism! Its horrible and the elite are brainwashing people into it!

  5. What cold storage wallets holds most alt coins? Or where do you keep your alts like theta,dot, enj…….

  6. bullish ehh? wow these people are so full of shit. it goes up its bullish it goes down its bearish.

  7. I remember telling folks that there would
    be a PC in every house one day and was looked
    at funny, years later I said that the internet
    would change the world and was looked at like
    I was some fanciful dreamer, few years later I
    said streaming TV and movies would be a thing
    and was looked at like I was some foolish
    person, now here I am telling those about
    Crypto currency and they regard me pretty
    much the same. Early on they said crypto was
    only good for illegal activities. I remind
    them of how porn played a role with video
    tapes(VHS) and the Internet coming to
    fruition and every currency plays a part in
    illegal activities especially paper money.
    What Ive realized is that a lot of folks have
    horrible imaginations and they don't really
    want to think about the future and I'm OK
    with that.

  8. What do you do when you attempt to buy copiosa crypto on pancake swap but it is saying you have insufficient liquidity? Is there a setting I have to change?

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