Ethereum Analysis October 2020 – When 2.0 Pump?

laatste update: 10-2023

This was a requested video by you guys!

Brief thoughts on Ethereum and areas for an entry if we get a pullback.

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15 gedachten over “Ethereum Analysis October 2020 – When 2.0 Pump?”

  1. Good mention on the stop loss placement, I sat for 30 minutes deciding if I should place my stop tighter but then I would be irritated to get stopped out on support.

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  3. This music tho.I thought we are geting naked and creams all around my body.Dang

  4. Loma seems so chill and calm, I can't imagine him market buying/selling anything. 😅

  5. "It's really f***ing nice to nail the bottom…" while that music plays😳 sexiest crypto channel ever.

  6. Accumulate as much ETHEREUM as you can now, while it’s still low. It’s going to skyrocket very soon 🚀
    Ethereum is the way of the future
    Massive world computer. Many aspects in its favor comong. Get ready.

  7. Holy fuck spot on analysis on Bitcoin and Ethereum so far… so underrated

  8. lovely analysis as always mate. With crypto assets on a bullish move after weeks of flat price line, i see this as another opportunity to earn from the crypto assets, either by trading or holding. Although i would rcommend trading over holding to new investors out there, its doesnt just come out as the most profitable, but it also provide the opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge required of crypto assets. Sebastian has been my coach and guide in my search for a fair knowledge trading, his services has so far surpassed every other signal services i have used in the past, and his guides has showed me the path and taught me how best to analyse signals and use copy trading as a major tool of advoiding much losses. Been trading for 4 weeks and currently holding over 11 btc on my portfolio. his services can be reached for enquiries on whatspp (+447782861037) and telygram (Sebastianbryan) .

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