Elon Musk Is An Idiot (and so are Zuck and SBF) in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

Tech CEOs aren’t geniuses, and here’s the proof.
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Twitter might go bankrupt:
Meta laying off 11,000 people:
FTX collapse:
Twitter Blue impersonations; only 140,000 people signed up:
Advertisers pulling back from Twitter:
Musk begs laid-off Twitter workers to come back:
Background on the Twitter/FTC consent decree:
Twitter becoming unstable:
Zuck smokes those meats:
Zuck has to order his employees to use Horizon Worlds:
Memory-holed SBF profile from Sequoia Capital:
SBF suck at League of Legends: r

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  1. At the time, paypal was brilliant. It was the only way for people to make payments on the Internet. Becoming a credit card merchant was expensive, and not many people had credit cards anyway. Not internet aged people, anyway.
    Don't know how much musk had to do with it really, though. That part of the story is kind of murky.

  2. I like Elon because he simply piss’s off the evil mega corps. If he takes twitter down it’d probably be good for the Country.

  3. Great video. May I ask how you protect yourself from SLAPP suits? You're being critical of some powerful people.

  4. suckerburg is a fool if he thinks we are all going to live in his metaverse !!!
    the hyperloop was never viable and was definitely all musk's brain wave of an idea !!!
    SBF just put all the money into a big bank account and started spending it like it was candy ???

  5. Funny how a tree hugger is trashing musk considering he not only responsible for electric cars on road but also the solar wall. So i guess ideology is more important bto Adam than climate change

  6. 5:44 Tesla would never gotten any car to market without musk. The company was mistly just a name when Elon bought it.

  7. First rule of becoming rich, lose morality and be Psycopath.
    Real geniuses are Engineers and Scientist who build our world.

  8. Gee, this is 'Adam Ruins Everything' on the iconoclastic juice! I'm the idiot who didn't think to search him until today. So, glad I did. I've missed this energy. Definitely investing

  9. Don't forget to add the clown girl swindler, elizabeth holmes, to this rogues gallery….diversity and equality must not be ignored😂

  10. well metaverse concept will work, just not now, since the technology is still not up to par. tesla tunnel concept would work if they didn’t immediately start with a tunnel, just automatic driving cars then improve from there. for crypto, well its just bad haha, the one china is making is better, backed by govn

  11. Someone worth billions from what they have accomplished doesnt have to grovel to your entitled opinionated dumba**es. What a joke.

  12. How come You get to say F*ck but I get restricted for periods of time and get threatened to be kick off YouTube if I keep doing it? 🤷

  13. They are con artists… and just puppets of the financial terrorist cabal. (that is connected to Epstein) You didn't mention how he pumped Twitter then dumped it then "bought it" cheaper. What did he do? He bought calls on the pump then puts and shorts on the dump.

    Musk is very good scammer but he definitely is not smart enough to run his financial terrorism. For that it takes someone like Ken Griffin. When they took over twitter and tripped the financial and porn bots I stopped visiting it completely.

    BTW, I think you don't understand how financial terrorism works. These guys are dumb but they are great financial terrorists. They are INTENTIONALLY driving those companies in to the ground… it's how they legally steal. Learn about cellar boxing and vulture capitalism. Maybe read up a little about Apollo financial. You know who Mit Romney is right?

    Most of finance is one huge circle jerk of bots, thieves and shills to pump these puppets as gods. The real financial terrorists running the show are much smarter and you'll never find out who they are unless you get that black book of Epstein's and maybe some of his videos… good luck with that.

  14. Here after Elon replaced the cute Twitter logo with the generic “X”

  15. I like a lot of what elon does and i still loved this. It's all valid critism… unlike every comment section anywhere his name is mentioned.

  16. Do you still think it’s a good idea to give kids hormones?

  17. I am confused with Elon.. He pisses around with politics, buys twitter for 44 billion and pisses his shares holders off by losing 800 billion in Tesla shares. Twitter then crashes… Elon, you claim to be an engineer… Have you heard the saying don't fix something that is broken… Oh well, you are still my hero even though you can be a fool some times

  18. Here's the thing. Intelligence isn't a straight line. I know a guy that's a brilliant artist. Can pick up incredibly complex skills in a matter of days and is suddenly WAY better than people that've been doing it for years. But he literally doesn't know how to do laundry.

    My fiancé is supremely well educated. She works in medical administration and management. Her job is really complex and requires a ton of skills, organization, multitasking, shit I could never do. But her knowledge of politics is absurdly limited. The basic structures of our society, she literally didn't know the most basic differences between our country's major political parties and left vs right wing policies.

    Elon is actually a pretty good computer programmer. He came up with the idea for, and programmed PayPal. I couldn't do that, I don't know shit about computers. But he's also an egotistical doofus, a bad liar, and a weird manchild that makes very, very stupid business decisions. I don't think guys like Zuck or Elon are stupid, necessarily. I think their success has inflated their ego to the point that they can't recognize their own weaknesses and end up making assee of themselves when they step outside their actual range of skills.

    How does one truly gauge intelligence? Do we consider an incredible computer programmer that makes terrible business decisions an idiot? Or an amazing businessman and investor that's completely ignorant about cooking or housework.

  19. Didn't Mark Zuckerberg also stole the creation of facebook from someone else too? I think he just came up with the name and used legal BS to claim ownership of it.

    Looks like all these "geniuses" that the mainstream likes to push are just liars and conmen. The legacy of Thomas Edison is alive and well.

    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if all the useless CEOs in Hollywood that Adam is fighting against would've tried the same stunt in claiming they created all these movies and TV shows that everyone likes if movie and TV credits weren't public knowledge. .

  20. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  21. Comparing the metaverse to Sims on PS2 is a insult to the Sims on PS2. Also he spent 36 Billions dollar on that crap? He could've spent 36 Million dollars to hire actual game developers to build him something better than that crap.

    Also Elon Musk's hyperloop? There's already a name for this, it's called the Maglev train and the Japanese already built one back in the 1970s. Ironic people compare him to Iron Man when he's very much Jeff Bridges character looking at the Japanese and saying "the technology is already there, I just need you to recreate it".

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