#EFT_WTF ep.728 | Escape from Tarkov Community Highlights

laatste update: 03-2023

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#EFT_WTF ep.728 | Escape from Tarkov Community Highlights

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19 gedachten over “#EFT_WTF ep.728 | Escape from Tarkov Community Highlights”

  1. man i didnt make it can u make sure to put me in next names torewar_ttv plz

  2. Streamers that put their face in a corner are attention whores, Change my mind.

  3. Stop begging for signatures, plain and simple you are no exception to Youtube monetization rules. This channel is and always will be reused content. Take the same effort you put into petitions and make new videos. Top clip videos take little to no effort dude.

  4. i died at 8:16 had meldonin popped and had killed 2 other players just to die to 0 footstep audio never heard him come through the bush or anything

  5. Bruh half these clips are scripted and the other half I could do with my eyes closed these suck

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