Don’t invest into Dogecoin! Here’s why… in 2023

laatste update: 12-2023

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30 gedachten over “Don’t invest into Dogecoin! Here’s why… in 2023”

  1. You are just late, or getting pay to say this, Doge is not a meme, is a chain.

  2. One of them is a Robinhood. They have it to sell on their platform. No worries with this at all. Do your homework.

  3. Joke's on you. And yes, I own Dogecoin.

    You shouldn't have purposely misinformed people and not let them know the big wallets are exchanges. That's sad bro. 😢

  4. I think you’re either dumb or dishonest or both… you’re wrong, the top several wallets are cold storage for exchanges and this video should be taken down…

  5. Dont play with Doge, you will start crying later on 😂

  6. BS. A whale can't just dump a coin that's on hundreds of exchanges. This would cause a big wick down on a single exchange, the arbitrage bots would pick up on it, and price would snap right back up to where it started dumping. If a whale did it smart, and scaled out over time, so as not to clear an order book, the bots would pick up on the fact that a single wallet was doing it. In the end, this would be bullish, as now you eliminated 1 of the 5 whales

  7. The number one reason I invest in doge is because of Elon. If anything where to happen to Elon. I would sell it all.

  8. Doge about to be in X as a form of payment in the future?😢 so sorry you don’t like Doge😢 😂😂😂

  9. Shitcoin doge taking a dump worse than it pumped. Makes complete sense. For a scam and a robbery along with a fake story of SBF. Shit cracks me up. You’re really going to use a fake ass story to tell these people of how rich people robbed the poor again. Yea let’s make up a fake name like SBF and a fake story like usual. Wait for a year and then make the story sound likes it’s not a big deal anymore. Of course after the top share holders have robbed everyone. This makes more sense than some bullshit Sam Bankman fried. You know it’s fake because they used three fake ass names. There’s no SBF robbing you. It was the top share holders and these clown ass advocates know it. That’s why they made crypto so they could rob everyone without worries from the sec and make up any story they want. Don’t worry when they crash the next major crypto they’ll have another fake story to tell you. Instead of the truth that the major share holders sold for profit

  10. Finally someone speaking the truth instead of blowing rainbows up your ass.

  11. I think your an idiot making a video about something you don't believe in , masking a video as if your helping or your opinion mattered.

  12. That's a good thing that it's being held by major entities. If not then you know it's trash if billion dollar companies aren't interested in it

  13. Dodge quietly did a 11x in 2017 bullrun and leadup, with out Elon, personally I think it was better without him.

  14. One day Dogecoin will became no. 1 Crypto ,mark my words.

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