Donald Trump’s Twitter account reinstated in 2023

laatste update: 03-2023

CNN media analyst Sara Fischer reacts to Twitter reinstating former President Donald Trump’s account on the social media platform. The former president’s account was banned after the January 6th attack on the Capitol. #CNN #News

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  1. Trump is the greatest man in history even cnn can't keep his name out of there mouth it's like there thirsty for trump

  2. Why should he have boundary’s lmao he’s an American

  3. The fact that Trump was still getting likes…

    Trump after his account was reinstated: Without Me By Eminem

  4. Let's be clear…."corrupt" Twitter(Dorsey) suspended Trump…."legitimate" Twitter (Musk) reinstated Trump. End of story!!!

  5. What I really would love to know is how many of you commenting on this article were duped by the Main Stream Media in the first place? I was so used to seeing replies on a CNN story "covering up" these hacks….I am just curious…raise your hands? And go to real news at FOX!!!

  6. Deep inside…..Sara is hating this….she is saying…"damn another Trump win."

  7. January 6 demonstrations were no worst than black lives matter.

  8. Tweet & re-tweet we’re in a boat…tweet fell out…who’s left?

  9. Great for trump! he is back where he should belong. For truth, rather than deceit! his 4 years were the most hopeful that we seen for a long time in this country! Trump, DeSantis, or bust!

  10. 👍👍👍 too bad , 90 million people are favor and now you all made your beds and being banded …how's it feel hypocrites? Thank you elon

  11. I am a Black American and I voted for him, and I will vote for him again…. America needs that man

  12. America: Spread freedom to the whole world!😡
    Also America: Former present don't have freedom of speech.🤐

  13. Sucks huh? Poor lefties will need all new scripts from their doctors now. Better get on it before he tweets.

  14. I imagine that the left is like that snowflake during inauguration Day 2017 screaming "NOOOOOOO" 😂

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