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  1. It's a bitter pill to swallow if you really like someone, but it's true

  2. What do I do if I have the perfect guy . He's kind ,spoils me ,loves me and my kids successful. But…the sex is terrible 😩. What do I do ?

  3. Umm i dont think we can ever understand other people!! Best to try and understand yourself and why you want to be with such a loser

  4. I confess to my crush, he likes me too but he's not ready to have a relationship and he's not commited

  5. men wont commit anymore and marry because of the law , stop spreading false information

  6. Thank you Jason 😃
    Absolutely loved your esoteric explanation 👍
    Really resonated with me 😊

  7. That's why there are so many women living a lo n e ….and less and less happy couples 💑

  8. It works both ways. I have no intention of marrying. I'm honest about that, and I accept that everything is temporary. So, when I find someone that I actually want to spend time with, or fall in love with, the time inevitably comes in a year or two or three, when they want more. That's when I have to let them go. Or, maybe they let me go. Either way, it's a clean, easy break. And, on the current flows. There's always another bend in the river.

  9. 💐This video was so insightful! I absolutely love that you talk about the flow of energy and attraction and also quit trying to get them to understand you but understand what they want and where they're coming from and then you can go from there because you're right maybe in reality you want two different things. I'm learning that it's really important to be clear on your intentions/outcome with the other person and don't just assume things and get lost in feelings and emotions.
    That sets you up to be blindsided and caught off guard…😲

  10. 🌹 after going in roundabouts I'm surrendering to what is and letting the universe take me in a new direction. I've been deeply connected and intertwined with a person for a few years now growing and healing and starting over from the previous relationship we were in with each other that didn't work. We're sharing intimacy talking everyday going camping together all of the above..
    He recently let his ex's energy back into the picture as he's trying to be nice and be friends with everybody.
    It really shocked me and blindsided me. And now I'm learning that he is not ready to commit but he says he's working on it…
    We share a deep twin flame love and connection but I have to set this aside and give it to God and if it's meant to be then we will come back together with clear intention and no confusion.

  11. Thank you for this video it made me take everything into a new perspective

  12. Things have become so clear since listening to you. Thank you.

  13. What about in LDR how it works.. different time no constant communication lately when I ask him what shall we do he get mad then blocked me😅 now almost a week lah I let him go in my mind.. coz I do believe if you love the person even if ur busy u still had time for ur special someone.. am I right? Lately I'm the one who always understand him then I realized looks like I'm the one who keep the relationship intact inspite of his absence.

  14. but when I am flowing with his energy, how am I going to deal with the jealousy/anger/other bad emotions when he's with someone else? (coz if he does not want to commit, he has that right to date others)

  15. This os exactly how i describe life!!!! Shiit all surf and waves and emotional aikidoooo!! Been saying this for a while. But still. When you love someone is tough… flowing!!!

  16. We can't spend our time understanding people because they lie or hide the intention of " not wanting to be in a relationship" at day 1.

    Time is ingredient to reveal the truth.

    This period of hiding could be weeks or months, by telling you " i see myself in a relationship someday"

    Just to string us along.

    Words & actions should match across time.

  17. I LOVE that you went esoteric on us, more of that please! ✨❤️🙏🏻✨

  18. The last time I dated my ex gf ended up calling the cops to sure me after I broke up with her

  19. I feel you 🥺 same here and he’s telling me every time we are on this kind of topic we’re dating for 6mons dont u think should i give a try for another 6mons?! our last convo just today have asked him if after the closures to his Xwife until when will be together he replied “No idea if are you looking for marriage you should not since im not going to commit for marriage in some years” what is this really?! Then after these words, he continues to chat saying “u know i like you i do care about u end of story” I miss you comeover, love you” seriously??? Im hurting ryt now and don’t know what to do😓

  20. I just rekindled a long term relationship after a 14 year hiatus due to his family not accepting me. He begged me for a second chance and I agreed but he knows I wanna any a serious commitment as we were going to get married last time around. He agreed but now after 6 months of dating he’s gotten comfortable and I can see it’s about convenient sex and being more like his high school girlfriend because he doesn’t want to incite his baby mama into making his life difficult. She actually pursued him when we were together years ago ( gold digger) I don’t want to waste anymore time chasing my tail. I’ve met other serious suitors before we got together and I just don’t want to wind up in a situation that isn’t going to progress into marriage

  21. When he won't commit because he says he lives too far away……..he lives in England but will not leave to come to america

  22. Was dating this guy for 4 months casually, eventually I asked THE question, what do u want. He said he doesn't want a relationship and he would like to see each other time to time.. super long message explained how and why … Very manipulative. Fine I am smart enough to read between the line: I am not into you and I don't want to a relationship with you. However I don't mind having sex time time… Infinity delete!

  23. Yes I agree. If they say they don't want a relationship no point staying with this person

  24. He don’t want a commitment with me but he lives with me. It don’t make sense

  25. I just wanted to help out young people. I myself is happy married. My child is 28 years old already. She wants a happy marriage like her parents', but she has a hard time to get her long term bf give her a ring. Eventually she gives up the idea of getting married.
    There's nothing I can do to help her.
    It sucks.

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