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Have you ever thought about what an NFT is and how to get one?
A non-fungible token (NFT) is a blockchain-based tokenization of
a collectible item or art piece. NFTs certify digital ownership and
authenticity, stored publicly on the blockchain for quick verification,
which means that they cannot be replaced or interchanged making
them unique.

This Is Your Opportunity To Be At The Very Top Of A 3×12 Company
Forced Matrix For A Limited Time Only

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We are the first community that combines NFTs with a Bonus Plan (Forced Matrix)
without requirements or qualifications and we pride ourselves in building this
opportunity together with you as part of our community to make a real difference in this space.

An NFT gold rush means collectors want to get in early on the next generation of
collectible items and buying one is not so easy.

Investing in NFTs could be lucrative in itself but we have combined it with
Network Marketing and a forced matrix system, to create an explosive and
unique investment opportunity in the NFT space.

With this system, we have created one powerful investment opportunity and one
strong income opportunity in one deal. We can truly say that Digital Art Dealers is

Why become a DAD?
• Foremost because its’ fun, exciting and rewarding
• Secondly, by diversifying your investments into NFT you have a higher potential on your return of investment
• Thirdly, by becoming a Digital Art Dealer and marketer, you will have an extra income (which is always helpful)
• As a Digital Art Dealer and a marketer you do not have to do a lot it’s
almost a sleeping income
• We are building a community of Digital Art Dealers where our system
will help you to succeed
• Our NFTs are affordable and come in limited editions
• On top of all this you will support new and upcoming Artists and join
the NFT opportunity in a simple and cost-effective way

Come and join us at the top of the 3×12 forced matrix today and enjoy
the benefits of massive spillover:

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*This Presentation Is Not To Be Taken As Financial Advice.
I am not a Financial Advisor And This Presentation Is For Informational And Educational Purposes Only.
You Are Advised To Consult Qualified Financial Advisors Before Purchasing Or Investing In Any Crytpo Offering And NFTs In Particular In This Case