4 gedachten over “Degiro Opties Kopen en Verkopen!”

  1. Hoe weet je dat je onder een x bedrag moet zitten waardoor je opties winstgevend is?

  2. Hi! Can you please put your video "Roxanne – Arizona Zervas" in unlisted mode, I have a playlist with songs and you know…I want to listen that song, the remix is much better than original song. I watched your last video and I know that was necessary to put your video in private mode

  3. My step-son passed away in October 2021; since then, we have been trying in vain, to close his account with DeGiro.

    The company is NOT helping us – we have provided them with all the information that we used to close my stepson's UK bank accounts, but now they won't even communicate with us.

    If they won't even communicate with us, what can we do ?

    For anyone, the unexpected death of a (young) family member is the cause of significant stress; MOST companies react with sympathy and concern and do their utmost to help – but NOT DeGiro.

    I have absolute proof for ALL that I’ve said.

  4. I rarely ever hear foreign people talk in Dutch. We always learn the language of other people, it seems.

    Anyway, this is like me talking English. Also missing some words and a limited vocabulary 😂

    Thanks for the explanation!

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