Daily Crypto News: 03/10/21 (SEC extends ETF timeline, Compound drops $90m into user’s hands & more)

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Here’s today’s crypto news in less than a minute!

The SEC has extended decision timeline for four of Bitcoin ETFs by 45 days. The earliest decision will come around sometime in November.

5th largest defi protocol, Compound accidentally dropped $90m worth of COMP tokens into users’ accounts after a buggy software upgrade.

Ripple will be enabling federated side chains, to expand use cases of the XRP Ledger. They are currently working on an Ethereum Virtual Machine sidechain to lower the barrier of entry for developers to build better dApps.

Dogecoin Co-founder, Billy Markus, is back again after previously selling all of his crypto holdings. Markus suggests that a bridge between doge and ether as well as allowing doge-eth token to be used for NFT purchases will greatly increase its utility.

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