30 gedachten over “Cryptocurrencies Are Haram In Islam in 2023”

  1. Sorry brother but it’s wrong.
    Sharia law permits investment in intangible goods like stocks, bonds and digital assets like cryptocurrencies. Sharia-compliant assets do not have to be backed by physical goods as long as they have real utility.

  2. Cryptocurrency is not haram there is no dalil in Islam about stuff like that

  3. Future is Haram, Spot is fine if you select halal coins to trade.

  4. Actually its mostly depend on what your firqa says here.🙌

  5. maybe the muslims are to dumb to see the real value of crypto.
    it can be

  6. This is also true since it’s kind of a gamble which gambling is haram because it’s addictive.

  7. We give value to something like bitcoin we value them at 20k$. There are stable cryptocurrency like USDC which keep the same value as USD dollar

  8. Would this be a halal business idea I’ve been seeing people online making get rich courses from ai could i start this

  9. Brother i disagree because u said it has no real worth but the same could be said about cash i mean its just paper and both of their value changes all the time i mean look at inflation

  10. 😂😂😂😂 many Islam countries are broke and you comment on crypto try teaching about economy to them.

  11. No Ulama Can Change Islam
    Real Deen is Quran and Sunnah

  12. What is the value of gold ??

    Its just a peice of metal who we gave worth , same thing with crypto

    Golds price also decreases and increases

  13. Don’t listen to all scholars you are spreading wrong information

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