Crypto Launchpad Missed Shiba & Doge Dont Miss ShibaDoge & Definitely Not The Upcoming Token Launch

laatste update: 09-2023

SHIBADOGE LABS: #ShibaDoge Token & $Burn Token.

Hangout TDLR: Aug 29th
-ShibaDoge Lab expansion
-Building a monster
-Full stealth launch from launchpad
-X Twitter crypto account now live
-Low tax then transition to zero tax
-Liquidity pool to be burned forever
-Rug-proof Degen token getting real ShibaDoge treatment!
-NAME: undisclosed
-THEME: undisclosed
-SUPPLY: undisclosed
-Telegram Hub
-Exchange listing
-The SOCIETY: Intro w/ new token launch
-AI Dev on board
-Missed Shiba, Missed Doge, Do Not miss ShibaDoge and definitely not upcoming Degen token launch

ShibaDoge was created by 5 friends who are Shibarium, Bone, Shibainu coin and Dogecoin multi millionaire whales. They saw the animosity towards each other so they created ShibaDoge to bring the two communities together.

We launched on December 24th, 2021. Our goal is not only to bring the Shiba Inu coin and Dogecoin community together, but to bring the whole DeFi space together! Missed Shiba Inu coin & Dogecoin Don’t Miss ShibaDoge!!!


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