Could Elon Get Away With It?

laatste update: 08-2022

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0:00 Tech News is a Right
0:18 Elon Musk cancels Twitter bid
1:58 GPU prices are still going down
3:00 Rogers apologizes for outage
4:05 TeamGroup DDR5 giveaway!
4:57 Microsoft reverses macro decision
5:37 Windows 98 on Xbox Series X
6:13 Halo Infinite co-op beta delayed
6:39 Dr Disrespect offers NFTs for playtests
7:26 Steam Summer Sale fake games

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30 gedachten over “Could Elon Get Away With It?”

  1. He better not get away with it. He was never gonna buy Twitter to begin with. It should be a SEC violation to speak publicly about a company you’re gonna purchase in a negative way. That in itself is stock manipulation.

  2. Musk wouldnt consider pulling out, unless he has the ability to do so. Keep in mind, Twitter has a good legal team, Musk can afford to hire ALL the legal teams globally… So I kinda doubt Twitter will win…

  3. the pay to access alpha is probably based on robloxes common theme is how developers get incentives to continue developing and keeping it in beta for a year or 2 with everyone maybe or maybe not havin a paywall or not, eventually most games become free with microtransactions, its the worst in roblox tbh, either way if its a paywall or not theres always microtransactions with multiple developers gettin scammed out from mutual projects and "nonexisting contracts" thanks roblox for being a scum of a society exploiting young newcomer developers

  4. Can you please talk about and highlight the #unlimited_internet_in_egypt
    move?! The arabic hashtag has been in 1st trend in twitter (egypt) with
    over 1 million tweets at times for more than 2 weeks now…
    We've been have a terribly poor internet service since forever while the main provider is monopolizing the infrastructure and is making huge profits (74% increase in Telecom egypt net profit in 2021)
    VDSL / fixed broadband service in egypt is quota based starting with 140GB for a cost constituting ~10-15% of an average middle class salary, people would then have to renew the packages prematurely one or two more times a month coz they practically disconnect the service after the package is consumed.
    Furthermore, TE targets the hashtag with bots and mass spamming it to keep it from trending and the community had to switch the tags several times because of that! Here are some of the arabic hashtags:

  5. He did say ”I’ll buy Twitter if they will disclose the bot statistics and such”
    Then they dont want to show the data.. So yeah why should he be forced to buy into something while they are withhoulding information?

  6. Elon getting away with what? Part of his purchasing agreement was full disclosure and apparently they wont disclose what he asked about, aka bot information. Its not an excuse, its legit business. I know people out there who are armchair lawyers going "na-uh" like they know something more. And then you have news articles claiming the judge handling the twitter vs musk case is gonna side with twitter due to a case the judge handled before where they forced someone to buy the company they had offered to buy…. but that case is completely different. IN that "other" case, the COMPANY A which was buying COMPANY B tried to back out saying the "productivity" of the company went downhill in the time it took them to buy it. That isn't an excuse to not buy. Thus they were forced to buy said company. Elon on the other hand has a deal in motion which was supposed to allow seeing everything about twitter on the back end, which twitter is trying to hide from elon…. and Elon is actually right, if Twitter is actually lying about its user base, that is 100% fraud. So seeing "true" bot information would be a priority, because if for example you say you have 100 million users but half of those are bots, then you only really have 50 million users thus your company would be worth less. but, that isn't all. if twitter is lying as Elon seems to claim, this also means their value on the stock market is wrong. Because if the company is lying about information, that would also be akin to stock market fraud. its a much deeper hole that people are just too smooth brained to think about.

  7. is there anyway we can look into the roger outage more because i didn't think it was possible for like all of canada to stop for a day it blew my mind being downtown toronto all events and concerts were canceled no debit machines worked most people couldn't do anything. rogers is the main provider in the area and a lot of people who were working from home were unable to work or even contact there work. i was amazed that without networking for a day the world pretty much stopped i cant image if the power went out for a day. btw my friends phone was also not working all the way until i reset his connection to the cell towers then he was able to use his phone that was only 3 days ago I'm sure rogers tech support is still being blown up by people.

  8. As much as I think Riley is funny as hell, I'm not a big fan of the yelling in the background format. I get it it can be funny but it's more distracting

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